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#6100749 - 12/24/15 09:52 PM G7 or Leica rangefinder
Sq2 hunter Offline

Registered: 05/06/08
Posts: 820
I'm debating on getting one of the two rangefinders and don't know which one to get? I have an app that calculates all the clicks and all on my phone so don't know if the G7 is necessary. Also without the G7 should I start carrying a barometric pressure gauge?

#6100786 - 12/24/15 10:21 PM Re: G7 or Leica rangefinder [Re: Sq2 hunter]
westexhunt Offline

Registered: 11/05/12
Posts: 898
Loc: San Angelo
I lost my Leica 1600B in Colorado this year. I ranged up to 2000 yds with that rf in perfect conditions and it would always get a reading out to 1200 in any conditions. I will do my research before replacing it but I cannot justify the expense of a G7. (Not like me to loose something. Blaming it on having to wear an orange vest and having to rearrange my usual setup). Another comment on the G7, it's marketed by Gunwerks and they dumb everything down. Make it look like a 10yr old can kill elk at 1200 yds. I don't trust them. Leica and a good ballistics app with a range card for backup is what I use, not a custom dial on a $8000 rifle.

#6100824 - 12/24/15 11:22 PM Re: G7 or Leica rangefinder [Re: Sq2 hunter]
caddokiller Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 09/25/06
Posts: 5427
Loc: midlothian texas
To me it all depends on your skill level. If you shoot enough to know your drops, wind, shooting on slopes, etc enough to know your rifle then I think the g7 is a waste. Me myself, I am a lazy shooter. I shopt enough to know what I am doing but not enough to be proficient at every possible shot opportunity. That's where the g7 comes in. Once quick range gives you distance/slope/barometric pressure adjustments/etc. Its easy, quick and efficient. I don't have to carry a rangefinder plus krestel, phone and dope chart.

Does it allow me to be lazy instead of working to know the answers in my head? Yes But it sure is nice.

Now in all honesty I do not have one yet but everyone I know that does loves it and I will soon.
The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.- Thomas jefferson

#6105458 - 12/28/15 12:28 AM Re: G7 or Leica rangefinder [Re: Sq2 hunter]
Ritter Offline

Registered: 02/15/09
Posts: 286
Loc: Southern Oklahoma
I disagree with Caddokiller about the G7.
I don't believe having an accurate range finder and ballistic computer in one package is lazy. I think it's a smart choice.

I shoot a few hundred rounds a month at distances up to 1700 yards and would have a hard time hitting targets without having an accurate range, slope and density altitude. Shooting in different locations with different weather conditions and altitudes, I don't want to have to try to memorize hundreds of different dial ups or carry a dozen drop cards depending on what the temperature, station pressure, shot angle and wind is for wherever I'm at at the time. The G7 allows me to uses one piece of equipment to get all of that data and return an accurate dial up and wind hold all the way to 1400 yards with the press of a button. After 1400 yards you still need a good ballistic computer.

I have used Leica, Zeiss, Swarovski, Vectronix and G7. In my personal experience the optics of the Leica and Swarovski is better than the Vectronix and G7. Both the Leica and G7 have been able to return accurate long range distances better than Zeiss and Swarovski but not nearly as far as Vectronix. Once you start ranging small targets and animals beyond 700 or 800 yards, accurate results rely as much on the user as the rangefinder. This is where the Leica and G7 start to pull away from the others. I can range a 24" steel target to 1200+ yards if the weather conditions are good with either one.
As a complete package the ballistic engine in the G7 is hands down better than the custom curves that Leica, Zeiss and Swarovski use. You can create a custom curve online for the Leica and load it using a micro SD card but only one. The G7 can store the ballistic data for five rifles and uses the JBM ballistic engine, not preprogramed drop curves.

I think your decision comes down to budget, expectations and requirements.

#6106071 - 12/28/15 11:44 AM Re: G7 or Leica rangefinder [Re: Sq2 hunter]
huntwest Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 09/17/10
Posts: 2286
Loc: Albany
Geovid HD-R for the win.

#6106422 - 12/28/15 03:11 PM Re: G7 or Leica rangefinder [Re: Sq2 hunter]
P & Y Online   sick

Registered: 11/28/10
Posts: 961
Loc: North East Texas
I run a G7 and there are a few things I don't like about it. It works great ranging steel but has a few shortfalls ranging animals. I have found it hard to range deer sized game out past 700 yards unless there is nothing around them at all and you can run the unit on F setting (farthest target).We were ranging a doe a couple weeks back and ended up with better range readings out of swaro range finding binos. She was standing in sendero with relatively tall grass around her. We had two G7s with us that day and after several misreads and a couple no reads we went with the swaro reading. The wind is only adjustable in 5mph increments which isn't accurate enough for my liking. You can choose different reticles, none of which are sharp and precise. I have still used the unit quite a bit and will continue to use it as a backup but I am personally headed in another direction.

The dope my kestrel with applied ballistics will give me is more accurate than I can get from the G7. On Saturday the difference in the G7 and kestrel was almost a full 1/4 minute E and 1/2 minute W at just 420yds in a 8mph 8 oclock wind. I went with the kestrel dope and was dead on. I'm not saying the G7 doesn't do what they say, it's a very handy piece of equipment. I'm just giving an honest review of a very expensive product. I'm not sure what the handheld Leica rangefinders run but if you could put your hands on one of them and a kestrel for same or less money, that's what I would do. Guys are dumping the 4500s right now for the newer model and there are some deals to be had on kestrels.

I am looking at range finding binos now and will probably end up with the Leica HD-B 10x42. That way I will have some basic drop data for medium range work in hunting situations. I can also use this along with the kestrel for longer range shooting or really windy days. Yes I will have to carry two pieces of equipment but I always have binos with me whether I am target shooting or hunting. Since the binos give me as good if not better ranging capabilities, more magnification and better glass I will just live with toting the more items


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