If anyone is interested in going on a bear hunt, there are 2 openings for our upcoming hunt, May 22nd - 29th in Quebec. This hunt is the 2nd week of the season, but the 1st week for hunters out here. Generally - it's cool enough to keep the bugs away and they are really never an issue.

It will be my 3rd year out here and it is a blast. We fish all day for brook trout and hunt in the evenings. It's an incredible set up with a great outfitter/family that wants nothing more than for to you to enjoy yourself.

The hunt itself is $1600 + license and tag. When you add up airfare, splitting a rental van, food, drinks, etc., it generally comes out to around $3300 or so per person.

For those that have been around TBH awhile, I'm sure you've seen Jim's (Keep) threads of hunts over the years with Eric, Maria, and the boys.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Others on TBH - feel free to jump in and answer any questions.

(Below are just a few of the TBH links to hunts out here.)