Hello Bryan,
I would like to thank you, and your Dad for the great experience in South Texas, your hunting accommodations, and hunting experience are 5 star rating. Southern hospitality stand out at your facility. Everyone was so nice and inviting which made the trip that much more enjoyable. The amount of deer and the shear size of the whitetails on you ranch, make it worth the trip (21 hour trip that would be). I would like to thank Matt your guide who rattled those bucks in, his experience in the woods stands out. I never knew what was coming around the the next bush I kept my head on a swivel, looking for that next 160 in or 170 in buck to run by, lots of 140 in and 150 in bucks. The only thing I will remember, next year will be my Binoculars, I can't wait for next year, when me and my boys come down to hunt on Friocountyhunts. Great experience thanks again Bryan