Like to sell my Thompson Contender Carbine rifle. Comes with two barrels as follows: 204 Ruger. 23" T/C Custom Shop barrel in matte blue, this barrel shoots 1/2" groups w factory 40gr ammo and 1/4-1/2" with my handloads. 2nd barrel is 6.8SPC, 23" stainless heavy barrel. I have never fired the 6.8 barrel. The receiver has a trigger job which was performed by Dee Whitehead in Waco and is absolutely perfect at about 1.5 lbs with no creep. Both barrels will include bases but no scopes included. Asking price is $750. This is a great combo with both barrels for varmint/deer/pigs etc and is a great walking or working varmint rig because it's so handy and lightweight. Great combo rifle for a youngster or lady as well. Barrels are bull barrel contour but are still light weight. I have plenty of target pics to back up accuracy described above.

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