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#6082322 - 12/13/15 09:15 PM Thanksgiving Weekend Hogs
Afalex1 Offline

Registered: 05/01/13
Posts: 106
Loc: Abilene, TX
I'm a little behind on posting hunting stories and am trying to catch up. This hunt took place the weekend of Thanksgiving. I was back at the orchards and hoping the cold nasty wet weather would bring the hogs in like crazy. But, it didn't. It rained so much I think the hogs were hesitant to cross the flooded rivers and creeks they normally do to get to the orchards. I only spotted 3 hogs all weekend and only 2 were killed.

Double Naught Spy (Brian) and Kentucky Kid (Stupid Chad) joined me on this hunt. We enjoyed some great banter to pass the time while we ground through the hours of the dark, cold, and wet night.

The first animal we made contact with was a badger. The landowner wants all the badgers gone and has offered a significant bounty to encourage such a task. Brian spotted one and Chad tried to take it, but missed a few times and we moved on.

The Zeus 100mm pro shines in this kind of weather compared to some of the other smaller scopes, but I think I goofed it up. Since it was so cold out and the windows of the truck must be down for the thermal to see out during out patrol I had the heat cranked up. The scope sat next to my leg and the heat was blowing at the floorboard. I think the heat blowing on lens goofed up the image when we stepped out into the cold and high humidity night. As you will see in the video the scope has a weird halo going on and acts funny when it is nuked. I have tried to repeat the image again, but I haven't had a chance to ride around with the scope and the heat blowing and a low ambient temperature since this hunt. We have had 60+ degree days here in Texas since Thanksgiving. Once the cold rolls back in I will try to recreate this situation to confirm that is what happened. Anyway, even with the halo, high humidity, and lack of time to adjust the scope for the conditions the targets were easily visible for the shot.

The first hog Brian didn't get a shot because he was on the left of the firing line and the hog walked to the far right. Kentucky Kid shot the hog in he scrotum and I tagged the hog in the head. Either way the hog had a bad night.

The second hog I spotted when he was about 50 yards from the truck. I spotted him late because he crossed through a fence row with heavy weeds when we were about 60 yards form the fence. He just appeared there. We barely had time to get out of the truck and get on line because the hog was coming straight to us. I stepped out of the driver side, Kentucky kid got out of the passenger rear and came to the driver side, and Brian was trying to line up to shoot over the hood from the passenger side. We all had safe positions, but the hog closed the distance to fast for us to be positive about this so Brian didn't shoot. I made a quick countdown and shot. I only hear my rifle go off and could hear Kentucky Kid cursing to my left. He forgot to take his rifle off safety. Rooky mistake!

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#6082330 - 12/13/15 09:21 PM Re: Thanksgiving Weekend Hogs [Re: Afalex1]
Afalex1 Offline

Registered: 05/01/13
Posts: 106
Loc: Abilene, TX
Double Naught Spy authored the following in memory of our hunt. Imagine it being told by medieval court minstrel.

The Ballad of Stupid Chad

Part 1 - The Great Badger Hunt

Three amigos, a hunting they did go
Alex, Brian, and Stupid Chad, don't you know
For hogs, varmints, and critters of the dark
In fields and orchards that were just like a park

Driving through the night, Alex did say
Of the animals of the night that would come out to play
There were coons and coyotes, foxes and boar
Then he told us one we could not ignore

It was the elusive badger, the landowner's foe
A price on its head, he would pay big dough
Rare to see and harder to spot
Nobody was expecting, to get a shot

Around the corner, Brian caught sight
A flat running critter, that didn't look right
The critter was ID'd, by Stupid Chad
Alex said "Shoot" and we were glad

50 yards and running as badgers do
It would be a tough shot, Stupid Chad knew
He set up to make the perfect shot
All of us watching, that tiny dot.

Over the shot, he did mull
Now was the time for the trigger pull
Out in the open and nowhere to hide
The badger was a goner, but the shot was wide

The badger was running, 70 yards and faster
Came the second shot from his trusty blaster
Now the badger was well into the rye
But the next bullet found nothing, nothing but sky

Shot number three wasn't any slicker
And from 90 yards, came badger snicker
As we started to lose sight of its mullet
Stupid Chad missed, with the very last bullet

Dejected and sad, we drove away
Vengeance was vowed for some other day
So ends Part 1, and it is sad
But this is the Ballad of Stupid Chad

Part 2 - Pecan Grove Nut Hunter

Through the rain and the fog, snow and the ice
We saw many critters, but mostly mice
The a hog was spotted, over by a tree
It was a boar, Stupid Chad could see

The tree was pecan, inside of the grove
We were close enough, we no longer drove
The wind was bad and we had to go
We circled around, to and fro

We made a good stalk, we did it well
With Alex leading, there was no smell
With rifles and sticks, we lined up for the shot
Then to the right, it started to trot

I was on the left, my shot was screwed
Was it a smart hog, or just rude?
I heard the count, standing in the back
I wait for the shot, I waited for the thwack

I didn't wait long, only for a bit
Two shots fired, two shots hit
The shots were good, not in the guts
One in the head, one in the nuts

The shot to the head, from Alex's gun
A perfectly good shot, but not much fun
As we waited for the truck in which to tote him
Stupid Chad boasted of shooting the scrotum

Anybody can shoot, the great big head
An easy shot, and the hog is dead
But to make a shot on a boar that hauls
It takes great skill, to hit his balls

So argued the man, with the golden gift
Of leaving the hog with a scrotal rift
So ends Part 2, and it is sad
But this is the Ballad of Stupid Chad

Part 3 - Safety

The first boar came in at 175
So into the night we continued to drive
Through the rain and the sleet, ice and snow
Waiting to have another boar show

Going by the rye, with a sudden rush
A boar did come, out of the brush
Out of position, I wasn't ready
Alex was out, getting steady

Just enough time, backup was had
To Alex's rescue, came Stupid Chad
The boar was coming closer, he was coming quick
Stupid Chad and Alex would do the trick

A shot rang out, there was the thud
Alex shot true, Stupid Chad - a dud
The trigger he pulled, more than twice
But the safety was on, the shot was scheiss

Tried as he could, with all his might
Bested by Murphy, again that night
So ends Part 3, and it is sad
But this is the Ballad of Stupid Chad

Third Coast Thermal Pro Staff
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#6082521 - 12/14/15 12:10 AM Re: Thanksgiving Weekend Hogs [Re: Afalex1]
Double Naught Spy Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 05/18/11
Posts: 5519
Loc: Forestburg, Montague Cnty, TX
Part 4 - Terminus

Should you travel, to Clay County
Beware Stupid Chad, a local townee
You may see him out in the night
Alongside Alex, to his right

From the fields if you hear a snicker
Then Chad was there, but the badger quicker
That isn't the case when it comes to pork
One shoots heads, the other shoots dork

When you hunt with Stupid Chad
Bring some snacks, he'll be glad
Sandwiches from the convenience store
You should buy a couple, maybe more

He'll get the door, he'll get the gate
Keep hands to yourself, it ain't no date
Share with him your favorite hunt
He'll let you ride in the front

He'll hold your gear when you cross the wire
On long stalks, he does not tire
Where he aims, the bullet goes
Where he's aiming, nobody knows

I have stated facts, not a story
Of Stupid Chad and his glory
Here me now, wear no tunic
If you fear becoming a eunuch

Wear a cup to cover your pride
'Cuz when balls are in sight, there's nowhere to hide
So ends Part 4, and it is sad
For ends the Ballad of Stupid Chad
Si vis pacem cum sus, para bellum.
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#6082660 - 12/14/15 07:10 AM Re: Thanksgiving Weekend Hogs [Re: Afalex1]
Cast Online   happy
THF Celebrity

Registered: 12/14/08
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Loc: North Texas - God's Country
Poor Chad.

I have a short attention spa

#6082859 - 12/14/15 08:44 AM Re: Thanksgiving Weekend Hogs [Re: Afalex1]
bigjoe8565 Online   content
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 06/30/08
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Loc: Mesquite, Tx
Cool video

#6083090 - 12/14/15 10:29 AM Re: Thanksgiving Weekend Hogs [Re: Afalex1]
StretchR Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 05/14/14
Posts: 360
Loc: Hutto, TX (Williamson Co)
Tremendous! clap

#6083139 - 12/14/15 11:01 AM Re: Thanksgiving Weekend Hogs [Re: Afalex1]
colt.45 Online   content
THF Celebrity

Registered: 03/16/12
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Loc: wondering about the woods
cheers sounds like Good times hunting with friends ... Thanks for sharing, me android doesn't do videos... Poetry in motion, rofl beats my threads of Better days gone by ...
Edit: U de one carring the 50cal. ? flag

i'm postaddic

#6087528 - 12/16/15 11:52 AM Re: Thanksgiving Weekend Hogs [Re: Afalex1]
bg75074 Offline

Registered: 12/03/09
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I love technology


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