One of the guys that I work with offered to take Bob duck hunting with himself and two other fellers on Saturday. He talked me into giving him his Christmas present (20 gauge single shot break over Rossi) early. Since I could not afford the duck stamp and steel shot shells for me, and my 12 year old son does not go any where with people I do not know very well alone (especially when handling guns) scared, I went as a spectator.

The only instructions were bring your gun, be at my house at 5:00 am, and be quite (out of a 12 year old that does not know the meaning of shut up).

We got up at 4:00 and arrived at his house at about 4:40 AM, and stood out side until about 5:30 when one of the other hunters showed up and called my buddy to wake him up (hunter # 3 also over slept and was called, he met us at another location on the way out of town).

We still managed to get to the lake in plenty of time to unload and pack everything to the hunt site and set up before legal time to began shooting. At this point the guys stated that they were walking back to the pickups and do I want a beer? (before daylight, and handling guns) I politely told them no I have coffee.

Well Bob stood and fired every time he was told to, and after being reminded to reload on the first and second shots he got where he was automatically breaking that barrel over after he fired. He also picked up all spent cartilages except one that we could not find (I saw one adult throwing a hand full out in the weeds).

8 ducks were harvested that went to food, and two wood ducks were harvested that were going to be mounted. I am relatively confident that Bob did not make any of the kills.

We went back to my buddy's house where every one including Bob helped clean the birds, using Bob's and My knives. the guys divided up the meat and shared with Bob.

All in all I think a successful hunt.

Success for the day.
1. A 12 year old got up early and done as instructed, even when 2/3 of the adults did not, and done so with out complaint.
2. Bob sat quieter than the hunting party he went with.
3. Bob helped load, unload and carry all gear with out complaint.
4. Bob made an attempt at every shot he had available.
5. He practiced good gun safety and learned how to use the weapon on the fly he had never shot it until he shot at a bird.
6. It gave us the opportunity to discuss things that should and should not happen during a hunt.
7. The opportunity to meet new finds, who set an example to help others and share.

This is the second hunt that Bob has been on. I do not know that I can honestly say he was the most ethical hunter on the trip, but he certainly was not out done in the ethics department by any one.

Pretty proud papa here.grin

Next hunt will be for pigs at Clarendon on New Years day, Probably can't afford another one this hunting season. But a Pronghorn (successful harvest), a Duck and a hog hunt aint a bad starting season for a 12 year old newbie.

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