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#6079486 - 12/11/15 10:43 PM Uninvited Visitors while hunting
Jbell99 Offline

Registered: 10/26/15
Posts: 202
Loc: Texas, Harris county

Was in the deer blind looking out the windows and could hear something coming but couldn't see it a minute later it head butted the blind twice, I stick my head out the window to see what it was and it walked around and was attempting to put its head in the blind after a few minutes of whispering and motioning to go away eventually pulled my mask off and yelled to go away.
What is yalls oddest visitor you have had while in the blind?

#6079497 - 12/11/15 10:53 PM Re: Uninvited Visitors while hunting [Re: Jbell99]
cabosandinh Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 08/12/13
Posts: 1487
Loc: Dallas, TX
A chickadee

Landed on my hat , stood there for 30 sec
Flew to ledge , stared at me for another 5-7 sec
Flew out. Then landed on top of blind

#6079498 - 12/11/15 10:54 PM Re: Uninvited Visitors while hunting [Re: Jbell99]
redfred Offline

Registered: 04/18/09
Posts: 1380
Loc: La Porte
There is a family that lives across the road from my deer lease, and they have three dogs that often come to our side of the road, probably looking for food in our camp. Last year, I walked to my box blind (almost 1/2 mile from camp) for an afternoon hunt. A few minutes after I got settled in, the big black and white mutt appeared on the edge of my clearing, a couple hundred yards from my blind. He walked back and forth across the field, and finally came over to my blind and curled up about 10 feet in front of me and went to sleep. I let him be, and almost forgot he was there. About an hour later, a nice 8 point buck came into the clearing and I shot him. The dog jumped up at the shot and ran away. I've never seen him since.
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#6079550 - 12/12/15 12:28 AM Re: Uninvited Visitors while hunting [Re: redfred]
nak Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 08/26/12
Posts: 1277
Loc: DFW
There is a doe that is 5 or 6 years old now, that was born and raised very close to our cabin and has gotten used to people. I've had trouble with her while pig hunting from a tree stand at night. If she gets wind of me, she will stomp and snort at the base of the tree. Shining a flashlight at her sometimes work, other times I have to drop something on her.

She also comes to the sound of the feeder being filled. I guess she has learned that there is always corn spilled.
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#6079562 - 12/12/15 02:02 AM Re: Uninvited Visitors while hunting [Re: Jbell99]
DH3 Online   content

Registered: 11/18/14
Posts: 663
Loc: Katy
I had a red-tailed hawk land on top of my tower blind. I banged on the roof, he dropped a turd as he flew away.


#6079572 - 12/12/15 03:30 AM Re: Uninvited Visitors while hunting [Re: Jbell99]
skinnerback Online   content
THF Celebrity

Registered: 05/30/11
Posts: 13031
Loc: Rockport, Tx.
Never had any uninvited visitors while hunting, always figured I was the uninvited visitor. yingyang

At camp, have had illegals come in uninvited. That will get your attention. eek2 slinger none aggressive but still.....

#6079684 - 12/12/15 07:47 AM Re: Uninvited Visitors while hunting [Re: Jbell99]
TX Hitman Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 10/12/11
Posts: 310
Loc: West Texas
Couple weeks ago, I was about half asleep in the blind. Heard a weird scratching noise on top. Then, BAM BAM BAM. Scared the carp out of me. I shook the blind and a wood pecker flew over and landed on top of the feeder and started banging on the top of that. Dinner bell I guess. Had 3 does walk up about 5 minutes after.

Last year, I had about 10 cows show up at the feeder. Thought the hunt would be over but waited it out. At about dark, the cows spooked and a heard a hogs came running up to the feeder. It was interesting watching the hogs chase off the remaining cows. Ended up shooting 2 pigs out of that group.

#6079839 - 12/12/15 10:30 AM Re: Uninvited Visitors while hunting [Re: Jbell99]
SnakeWrangler Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 01/22/11
Posts: 34875
Loc: Over yonder.....
Originally Posted By: Jbell99 walked around and was attempting to put its head in the blind...

Should have given it a big ol' open hand slap across the nose......probably would have made less noise than trying to "shoo" it away..... clap
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#6079936 - 12/12/15 11:59 AM Re: Uninvited Visitors while hunting [Re: Jbell99]
Double Naught Spy Online   content
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 05/18/11
Posts: 5501
Loc: Forestburg, Montague Cnty, TX
My problem has been coons. 3 or 4 times now, I have had raccoons climb the ladder to the tree or tripod stand I was in. It sounds weird to be hog hunting in the pitch black dark and hear something coming up the ladder.
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#6080120 - 12/12/15 03:14 PM Re: Uninvited Visitors while hunting [Re: Jbell99]
Deerhunter61 Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 08/27/08
Posts: 7668
Loc: DFW
The coolest visitor I ever had while hunting was an owl. I was in my tree climber in E TX deer hunting. I had worn my gillie and was looking out over a scrape and all of a sudden the owl landed on a branch right next to me. I could have literally reached out and touched was that close! Coolest thing that ever happened while hunting.

#6080195 - 12/12/15 04:01 PM Re: Uninvited Visitors while hunting [Re: Jbell99]
Freeman Offline

Registered: 02/18/12
Posts: 162
Loc: Copperas Cove, TX
I was sitting in my tripod about 25 yards from a feeder and well hidden in some cedar. I was totally decked out in camo and had my crossbow laying on the front rail ready to kill any pig that showed up and this little wren landed on the bow string and started dancing back and forth. It stayed about 30 seconds before it flew off. I've also had squirrels get uncomfortably close when I'm up in a tree stand, a shriek owl who just knew there was something wrong with "that bush" next to his perch, and way too often the dang donkey comes around to raid the feeder.

#6080263 - 12/12/15 04:54 PM Re: Uninvited Visitors while hunting [Re: Jbell99]
Booner1 Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 09/16/12
Posts: 1776
Loc: Terrell
They didn't come to my blind but I had 3 Sandhill cranes come to my feeder every day for a week, just south of Falfurrias.
Born to hunt and fish.

#6080336 - 12/12/15 05:37 PM Re: Uninvited Visitors while hunting [Re: Jbell99]
HornSlayer Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 12/13/07
Posts: 1281
Loc: Azle, TX
I had a hawk fly in on top of me as I sat in a tripod once. As it few toward me from a couple hundred yards away we made eye contact. It few directly at me. I think it could see my eyes and thought I was an easy target. At about 15 feet, I waved my arms, this sucker had both landing gear down as it came to a stop in mid flight about 3 feet from me. It's reversing thruster sounded like a
Jet taking off.

#6080350 - 12/12/15 05:48 PM Re: Uninvited Visitors while hunting [Re: Jbell99]
HuntingTexas Online   content
THF Celebrity

Registered: 01/06/08
Posts: 17199
Loc: Out of Dallas Co. SOON !!
Got so frustrated with cows one time I reached out and smacked one on the arse as it went by. Big mistake, she ran off, stopped at 25 yards, turned around and spent the next hour staring at the blind.
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#6080363 - 12/12/15 05:57 PM Re: Uninvited Visitors while hunting [Re: Jbell99]
Creekrunner Online   content
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 10/19/12
Posts: 9982
Loc: Bexar/Gillespie, hunt Terrell
Couple of dudes pretending to be lost, opening morning of pronghorn season in Abbott, NM, many years ago. People out there go plumb nuts out there trying to shoot a pronghorn.
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