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#6078884 - 12/11/15 04:00 PM Recoil of a 243
chemdawg Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 01/15/15
Posts: 257
Hi was was wondering what somenes thoughts were on the recoil of a 243. I have a very messed up back to here I cold not even sighting my 30-06 I had a buddy do it for me. I am unable to handle the recoil more then 2-3 times even my 30-30 gives me trouble after shooting i can hardly walk. So i am really really thinking of getting a 243 been looking at the savage axes. I have never fired one so i dont know what to compare it to I am taking it that it is lighter then the 30-30. most days on FT Hood I take my muzzleloader it is much lighter then the 25-06 270 30-06 and 30-30 hunting on base is fine with the muzzleloader because they dont take very long shots maybe 150 at most. and I am confident with the Inline at 200yrs. but i want a rifle for when not on post something that can take deer and pigs. I have a 222 220swift and a 22-250 but the only whay to really take a hog or a dear with one of those is a head hot. can anyone give me a little feed back on the 243 and if the recoile would be manageable for someone who has there back fused in 2 places and pinched nerves alway way down my back making it hard to walk sit or bend over so you can imagine the jolt of a 30-06 and how it can feel.

#6078893 - 12/11/15 04:04 PM Re: Recoil of a 243 [Re: chemdawg]
cabosandinh Offline
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Registered: 08/12/13
Posts: 1487
Loc: Dallas, TX
if you get a heavy barrel .243 you won't feel any recoil

on light synthetic stock you'll feel a little if shooting 100gr +

not really any pain just that the rifle will jump/kick

I am not recoil sensitive so a .243 is perfect for sensitive folks

btw, if you want to minimize recoil lean into the rifle more and have it snug

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#6078899 - 12/11/15 04:07 PM Re: Recoil of a 243 [Re: chemdawg]
QuitShootinYoungBucks Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 11/01/12
Posts: 8590
Loc: Lubbock, TX
If you have a .220 Swift and a .22-250 and don't have any problem with those, I don't think a .243 is going to give you much problem. If by chance it does, there are 'Lite' .243 loads available that would have even less recoil. Main thing is to be sure that the rifle fits you well and has a good (Limbsaver or Pachmayr Decelerator) recoil pad on it. Also, a heavier rifle will have less recoil if you don't mind carrying it. Lastly, a PAST recoil shoulder pad could be used in conjunction with the other to help you.

#6078915 - 12/11/15 04:23 PM Re: Recoil of a 243 [Re: chemdawg]
DH3 Offline

Registered: 11/18/14
Posts: 588
Loc: Katy
Use the Swift or .22-250. Take neck shots. You do not need another rifle. rifle

#6078976 - 12/11/15 05:16 PM Re: Recoil of a 243 [Re: chemdawg]
jetdad Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 03/02/13
Posts: 1121
Loc: Grayson county
If you were closer I'd let you shoot mine. You can use ammo that is reduced recoil. It's really pretty comfortable to shoot. Maybe someone down your way will chime in and let you fire a few rounds so you can feel it for yourself.

#6079027 - 12/11/15 05:39 PM Re: Recoil of a 243 [Re: chemdawg]
cabosandinh Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 08/12/13
Posts: 1487
Loc: Dallas, TX
I forgot to add that you can get the barrel threaded
and put a muzzle brake on, your felt recoil will be cut in half

#6079045 - 12/11/15 05:56 PM Re: Recoil of a 243 [Re: chemdawg]
Bbear Offline

Registered: 11/24/13
Posts: 843
Loc: West Texas
Cartridge (Wb@MV,,,,,,,,Rifle Weight_____Recoil energy___Recoil velocity

22-250 Rem. (55 at 3600).....8.5............4.7..............6.0
243 Win. (100 at 2960).......7.5............8.8..............8.7
.30-30 Win. (150 at 2400).....7.5...........10.6.............9.5
.30-06 Spfd. (165 at 2900......8.0..........20.1.............12.7

The above shows a comparison of recoil between 4 different cartridges. Recoil energy is how hard the recoil strikes your shoulder. Recoil Velocity is how fast that 'strike' hits your shoulder.
Since you have a back that tells you the recoil of your 30-06 and/or 30-30 is too much for you to take (I can feel for you with my bum shoulder), you can see that a 243 weighing the same as the 30-30 has a bit lighter recoil AND a bit less velocity, the 243 in a 7.5 pound rifle might just work. To help that along, if you're thinking of buying a new rifle (and do we REALLY need reason other than 'want'?) you might look at getting a 243 that's 1/2 - 1 lb heavier than the 7.5 lb 243 shows.
In short, if you're buying look for something a bit heavier. It doesn't have to have a varmint barrel to attenuate the recoil. Some suggested brands/models would be:
Weatherby Vanguard S2
Howa 1500 (essentially the same gun just different stock and barrel length)

If you reload, you could put some Nosler partitions in the 22-250 or the swift or the 222 and with proper bullet placement, still take hogs and deer.

The table information came from Chuck Hawks website btw.

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#6079054 - 12/11/15 06:01 PM Re: Recoil of a 243 [Re: chemdawg]
Jbell99 Offline

Registered: 10/26/15
Posts: 202
Loc: Texas, Harris county
A 243s recoil is close to a 410 shotgun not bad at all might even be alittle less

#6079141 - 12/11/15 06:55 PM Re: Recoil of a 243 [Re: chemdawg]
Korean Redneck Offline

Registered: 06/24/09
Posts: 2486
Loc: Houston
First of all, I think it would be highly worth the price difference to get a Model 12 versus an Axis.

Secondly, we have both a 243 and a 30-30 and I would say they are fairly comparable. the 243 is the cheap model 11 thxp and the 30-30 is a marlin 336. the 243 is more comfortable because it has a recoil pad where the 30-30 has nothing.

#6079154 - 12/11/15 07:03 PM Re: Recoil of a 243 [Re: chemdawg]
helomech Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 11/14/07
Posts: 13306
Loc: Latexo, tx
A lot of people hate muzzle breaks because of the perceived increase in sound, but a good muzzle break will virtually eliminate recoil. I have a good one on my 308 and when I shoot a deer the scope does not even come off the deer. I can actually see the animal get hit and its reaction to the round. When shooting long range I can actually watch the bullet trail through the scope. Something I had never seen before while shooting except when watching others shoot. I do have some before and after videos of my son shooting my 308 before and after I installed the break.

#6079334 - 12/11/15 08:56 PM Re: Recoil of a 243 [Re: chemdawg]
FiremanJG Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 12/16/08
Posts: 23644
Loc: Wolfe City, TX
Increase the rifle weight.
Add a brake
Consider the 6.5 Creedmoor, hits a bit harder on the other end and doesn't recoil much more.

This week I've shot my ten pound 7 Rem Mag wearing a brake off my backpack and have been no worse for the ware.

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#6079415 - 12/11/15 09:44 PM Re: Recoil of a 243 [Re: chemdawg]
TCB Offline
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Registered: 09/01/04
Posts: 1746
Loc: Denton, TX
I put a bunch of rounds down range today from a .243 with no break or suppressor and my 6.5 Creedmor with a suppressor. The Creedmoor with 123gr and 140gr kicked the same or less than the .243 with 85gr, 87gr reduced recol loads or the 100gr I shot.

If your willing to wait out the 3-4 months for a suppressor, do it!!!

#6079468 - 12/11/15 10:31 PM Re: Recoil of a 243 [Re: chemdawg]

Registered: 01/12/12
Posts: 14374
Loc: Katy, TX
My 70 pound son shoots a Browning Abolt Medallion with no problems at all.
Originally Posted By: Ojai Hunter
This is great! I haven't had a happy ending in quite a while !

#6079520 - 12/11/15 11:27 PM Re: Recoil of a 243 [Re: chemdawg]
bigjoe8565 Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 06/30/08
Posts: 5221
Loc: Mesquite, Tx
I have the Ruger American in .243 and the recoil with 100 grain ammo is minimal.

#6079525 - 12/11/15 11:40 PM Re: Recoil of a 243 [Re: chemdawg]
syncerus Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 12/01/08
Posts: 2642
Loc: Dallas, TX
I dislike brakes greatly, but they really, really work and I'd use one without hesitation before I gave up hunting. Do yourself a favor and shoot a braked rifle of reasonable weight. I have a light custom rifle in a .300 Weatherby equivalent and the recoil is unbelievable moderate. I also put a suppressor / brake combo on a .338 Lapua and now it feels like a .308. The brake / suppressor combo is **greatness**.
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