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#6075134 - 12/09/15 01:27 PM Looking for first Bow
tmaggie50 Offline
Light Foot

Registered: 05/20/14
Posts: 11
Ive never bow hunted before and have little no knowledge of it, other then shooting some of my friends bows. Looking for recommendations on a solid bow to start out on. Looking to stay in the $600 or less range, but not sure if thats too cheap to get a good starter set up? What all will I need?

#6076160 - 12/10/15 12:18 AM Re: Looking for first Bow [Re: tmaggie50]
DFWPI Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 06/02/06
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Loc: Arlington
Where are you located?
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#6076532 - 12/10/15 09:04 AM Re: Looking for first Bow [Re: tmaggie50]
tmaggie50 Offline
Light Foot

Registered: 05/20/14
Posts: 11

#6077394 - 12/10/15 05:42 PM Re: Looking for first Bow [Re: tmaggie50]
PiePuncher Offline

Registered: 09/18/09
Posts: 571
Loc: Fort Worth
You should look for a used bowtech experience. They can be had for your price range.
Regardless what bow you do buy, I would definitely buy used. Bows lose half their value after purchased new and bow technology has not improved much in past few years.
I say the experience because it is light, quiet, fast and very smooth bow.
Good luck with your search. Read about a few bows with great reviews, then go shoot them. Should make your selection pretty easy

#6077520 - 12/10/15 06:52 PM Re: Looking for first Bow [Re: tmaggie50]
chital_shikari Offline
Minor in training

Registered: 08/03/11
Posts: 12528
Go to West Houston Archery on the I10 feeder by Kirkwood(?). My dad bought his bow from them and mine from one of their other previous stores. They know their stuff. Look at the Mission line, specifically, the Mission Ballistic. Also, I'd suggest not to let price hold you down. Bows are something you shoot. When my dad was in the market for a bow, we set a $600 budget. The bow he shoots now MSRPs at $999. The bow I liked I couldn't buy because they didn't have in stock. The bow I now have was $100 more MSRP, but I got a good deal on it, and liked it just as much as the other; only price was different.

But yeah, is the place to go. They know their stuff. Partial to Mathew's, but they will put the right bow in your hand.

#6081582 - 12/13/15 02:34 PM Re: Looking for first Bow [Re: tmaggie50]
Aggieman775 Offline

Registered: 04/24/15
Posts: 721
Loc: Pittsburg, TX
For a first now I liked Darton.

#6086301 - 12/15/15 08:06 PM Re: Looking for first Bow [Re: tmaggie50]
rickym Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 06/14/15
Posts: 5705
Loc: texas
Go there or bowzone off cypresswood east of 45, try to hold and shoot as many as you can and find what feels the best to you. I wouldn't be surprised if you pay 100 more or 200 less than your budget.
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#6091389 - 12/18/15 05:18 PM Re: Looking for first Bow [Re: tmaggie50]
chemdawg Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 01/15/15
Posts: 257
when i bout my first bow i was lucky I was in uniform and i went to the bow shop the only one gourd for 75mils in north New York i remember it being one of the busies place in the little town and there was this giant prison across the street it looked like a castle the guy asked what i was doing up that far i told him working with customer after 9/11 things got tight across the borders and they did not have enough people so i pent almost a year in Ny at gourd zero then i spend 11months up there anyhow the guy gave me the boat ast cost wich was bout 325 it was a bowing made by use it was the most comfortable on for me and it was the fastest bow in that pic range he tossed in a dozen carbon arrows find pint and 6 broad head i reminder sing the prices and thinking whole cap i can buy tires for my car the the price of these any how customer bout me a stabilizer and someone els bout me a true ball i think it is trigger release it was expend too i was just shock at the price of archery stuff if you wanted good stuff the sight were [censored] someone was up grading to some really nice ones i dont know why because i was remember wanting the ones he had on his bow and he gave them to me i just asked to buy them or how much those were i dont recall any how i got them on my bow and the owner said they were some of the best ones you can buy they gave me an upgraded quiver someone had left there it was used but nice and what did i care i was only a specialist i did not make much I lost money every time I got activated but i loved it. he put a peep sight it was not top of the line but i was happy i think the IBO was about 300-310 he said i know it was much faster then my dads and his friend show shot what i look for in a bow is not the name so much is how it feels in my hand and the speed of the bow it its slow they will jump it i for got how fast an arrow has to travel in order for the deer not to move but i think it is close to 280-300 i know nothing but i thought they look like they would be great to use even thou i sold the bow a year ago i dont remeder what they were but my father loved that and bought some for his bow and it improved his shooting they looped the pull sting and put the peep site in gave me a buck of mainence stuff once guy has some limb savers in his truck new someone els gave me some of the bushy things for the string i think they were to quite it i have what i call my limit amount set my my wife she give me cash and when its gone its gone i cant put nothing more then what i have so you need to figure in to me up grades like sights peeps the sting lop was nice i it kept my string like new I never had to have the string re wrapped i used the hell out of that thing but back to spending you can get a great bow in my option i am not hung up on brand name i look for thing that are accurate like my guns my not be the most expensive put after you put some work in to them it is well worth in when your shot groups touch each other and every one at the rang is kind of jeliouse but still says nice grouping and say ask what i am sooting then humbly braces they are showing a sako but my remintong just shot better then he could dream of nothing against sako guns my anymenas other then they are out of my price rang my buddy dropped 1400 on a bow and he doesn't shoot any better then he did with his 450$ bow but he is quick to brag about the cost and what he is shooting so go to the bow shop handle a few in and under your price range dont be afraid of going under dont take the sales person step to the side and google the reviews and take what they say and how you feel about it just be comfortable with buying it i just bought a gun every one was pushing me at the weather bee but i wasted the mossburg 243 till i looked in the the savage axis it shoots great its of if not the most accurate gun on the market for dear hunters in that caliber and it was the cheapest but i have to do a few thees to it to bring it to its full potential and when i am dont i wall have with gun about 600-700% in to it and an other 200 for the scope my buds were disappointed i did not spend the 700 i had saved for a gun but i am happy and dont care if it was the cheapest is comfortable and a tack driver right out the box after the break in and now i would not be happier and they had bobo fans becaeu it shots better then there 800-1200 guns the one how said buy used buying a gun used i thing is ok as long as i get to shoot it but bows you dont know if and how many time the owner may have dry fried having a bow limbs splintering my my face does not sound good at all and cold kill you i would pay the extra 200 for a piece of mined any thing els i down mined buying used in fact i walwsy check crags list and pawn shops first nothing wrong with saving money we have a nice bow shop here in lampases and very help full a lot of the military guys go there because he is so help full and cuts good deals thats my thought and experience with bows i did not get the top of the line like hoyt or what ever i got a pse with a browning sticker and was thrilled the entire time i had it now i wish i would have kept it sorry for the long messages and side tracking its hard for me to put what i want to say in words i know my writing is horrible to i try to explain it better wich i think make it worse and before get jumped on No i dont know how to use periods comas or anything els nore do i know how to use proper sentence structure and i cant spell or read well i was stuck in the head in iraq and lost a slot of my memory ever since didn't even know how to spell my name for a while but with therapy I learn enough to get by i had 4-5 of therapy for the TBI and i dont have a good short term memory if for get a lot

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#6095846 - 12/21/15 10:01 PM Re: Looking for first Bow [Re: tmaggie50]
jsplinter Offline

Registered: 05/11/10
Posts: 845
Loc: Copperas Cove
I bought my son a mission craze II, it is a great starter bow for a youngin, but I would assume with the adjustability of it that it would be a good starter now for an adult too.


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