So I'm in the market for a new scope on the AR10. I decide on the Nikon M308 Prostaff so I go on Ebay and find the scope
I look at where it ships from and the first one is in Virgina
I'd like to have it for the weekend so probably not an option
next one is in Midlothian. ok now we're talking at the time I didn't realize that it was SWFA
this is Tuesday should be able to happen
Wednesday I check on it and it hasn't marked as shipped yet
a quick email to SWFA with a 5 minute reply from James that it is pulled and getting boxed up should ship today
which it did
another email later that day from Justin {I think} with tracking info
I had the scope in my hands Thursday afternoon

Just so you guys at SWFA know

I mounted the scope at deer camp friday night {side bar there might have been alcohol involved}

First shot at 100 was 12 inches low
the scope has target turrets so 1 full revolution up and I'm in the money

Thanks again