Remington SPS AAC SD w/ McMillan Tac-Hunter Adjustable stock, and Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 MRAD (second focal plane) in Burris XTR rings.

Shoots sub MOA EASILY w/ 168 SMKs. Below is a target from 600yds. After dialing and hitting the first time (top splash on target) I started aiming in the center of the gong, using my previous hit with a Barnes (copper hit) as a reference point and wrung out that SUB MOA group. Ammo was Outback Ammo, 168gr SMK. They just kept landing right in there!

As it sits, (without suppressor, bolt shroud, and mount) I'm asking $1700. Available with scope and original green Hogue stock for $1200.

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