I am looking for a hunting lease for the 2016-2017 season and beyond. Looking to either fill a spot in lease or lease 500-1500 acres. What I am looking for in a lease is first and foremost is a strong turkey population on it. Lodging is a plus but not a must. Want something that can be long term. I have all feeders and stands to supply for lease. Also would consider just a spring turkey lease on property that has a strong population of birds with lodging. Any and all properties will be considered. Not particular on county, just must have turkeys. I might make 2-4 trips a year for deer. I have a lot I can bring to the table to inhance any piece of property, have connections with hunting company manufacturers to get anything and everything related to hunting. Cameras, feeders, blinds, supplemental feed, stands, gun cases, and etc. My price range is up to $7k for spot on lease and can get members for a lease

Thanks in advance

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