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#6000234 - 10/29/15 10:49 AM Hats off to Browning and Thank You
Gacman Offline
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Registered: 09/30/08
Posts: 1795
Loc: Houston TX
Long story as short as possible:

Purchased Maxus new 5 years ago. 4 times in the five years I owned it had to send it back to Browning after each season for repairs. The 1 year I did not send it back was the worst year of the drought and I did not hunt much, when I did, the gun functioned fine. In other years, the bolt and/or trigger froze, it never loaded or fed properly from the day I bought it. It only jammed some, and all shotguns will jam from time to time. It would lock up and not fire time and time again, year after year, repair after repair, leaving me to watch others as they hunted until someone limited and I could borrow their gun to finish my hunt. I tried everything to resolve it, and time after time Browning did as well.

The 4th time I boxed it up to send it back to Browning, May 2015, I placed it in my truck Sunday night to drop off at post office on way to work. Later that night my truck was broken into and the boc with the Maxus was stolen. They didn't know what they were stealing at the time. Inside the box with the gun was a letter to Browning, referencing my 3 previous repair tickets, etc, and stating that the gun was again non-functioning.

I reported the theft to the police department and send Browning a letter with a copy of the police report so they could flag the serial number in their system should it be returned by a future owner for repairs.

In September 2015, I was notified by the Austin Police Dept. that they had recovered my gun (in June 2015) from a "dope rip off gone bad". Here's what they told me. Two unknown assailants tried to kick in the front door of a known drug dealer in south austin. But he was home. He had recently purchased my shotgun and grabbed it and waived it threw a window to try and scare off the would be thieves. The thieves shot at him through the window and fled the scene. The would be victim, drug dealer in this case, called the police to report the crime. Cops arrived and told me, "they could not tell the perps from the victims" so they cleared the house. They saw my shotgun and ran the serial, and of course it came up as stolen. No shotgun shells were found at the residence and the occupant admitted to not having any ammo for it. They searched the house and uncovered several ounces of weed. They arrested the occupant and charged him with possession with intent to distribute. (yes they arrested the guy who called the cops) They could not charge him with possession of a stolen firearm since too much time has passed since it was stolen (just a couple of months - oh well).

The detective was able to pull my police report from when the shotgun was stolen from my truck back in may and noted that the report stated it was a "non functioning firearm". The detective and myself got a good laugh when we realized, "leave it to known drug dealing gangbanger to bring a not functioning and unloaded gun to a gun fight", who ultimately called the cops on himself.

I picked up the Maxus a week or so later and mailed it back to Browning, again. I sent it to Browning with copies of the old and new police reports, original receipt from purchase, copies of my three previous repair tickets from Browning, and a new letter detailing the above scenario.

I told them I could not sell the gun used (even if they repaired it again) in good faith as I knew the history on the gun and Browning could never give me assurance it would not continue to malfunction. I gave them three options. 1. refund 75% of the purchase price to me as that is about what a working, used Maxus should fetch as a used gun, send me a new A5 of comparable features and specs, or keep it. But under no circumstance send it back to me. I would never take that gun back into the field again. It just was not dependable and Browning had already had 3 opportunities to rectify the problems, whatever they were. I told them the A5 was my first choice. Now the gun had been stolen and had greasy gangbanger mitts all over it. It was bad karma and I never wanted to see it again. For the record, in all of my correspondence with Browning, ( 5 letters over 5 years), I had always stated I felt like it was the best shooting waterfowl gun on the market. I still believe that. I loved shooting it and shot very well with it. I just got the one in 20,000 that probably had a receiver that was out of tolerance, and therefore a manufacturing defect that could not be easily cured.

They called me back and offered me the A5 for $200 which I found to be completely reasonable. They did not make a big issue of it either. I took them up on their offer and received my new shotgun a week ago, just in time for our '15 duck season. I'm very happy. Browning did the right thing.

Big thank you to Browning! I still highly recommend them and their shotguns.

#6000256 - 10/29/15 11:02 AM Re: Hats off to Browning and Thank You [Re: Gacman]
Judd Online   content

Registered: 01/22/09
Posts: 11728
Loc: Sachse, TX
That was the short version? grin

Seriously, that's a great story...I remember you posting you were having feeding problems with it the first couple times and figured they resolved them. Enjoy the new A5.
Originally Posted By: Phil Robertson
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#6001009 - 10/29/15 08:26 PM Re: Hats off to Browning and Thank You [Re: Gacman]
Gacman Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 09/30/08
Posts: 1795
Loc: Houston TX
Yes that was the short version, it is kind of a good story. Thanks, I'm sure I will enjoy the A5. I'm so glad that whole ordeal of that shotgun is behind me. Life is too short to hunt with an unreliable firearm.

#6001162 - 10/29/15 10:03 PM Re: Hats off to Browning and Thank You [Re: Gacman]
MS1454 Online   content
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Registered: 01/27/08
Posts: 2950
Loc: Houston/Sealy
Wow that is a crazy story. I have heard that their support is really good and that story seems to back it up.

However, I just picked up a Maxus yesterday and now am a little worried I will have issues.
Originally Posted By: Fooshman
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#6001260 - 10/29/15 10:57 PM Re: Hats off to Browning and Thank You [Re: Gacman]
Stoney Offline

Registered: 05/05/09
Posts: 7841
Loc: Bowie
I kinda skimmed the story but was the gist, you had a POS, sent it back multiple times, they couldn't fix it and upsold you for $200? Huh
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#6001406 - 10/30/15 06:36 AM Re: Hats off to Browning and Thank You [Re: Gacman]
Gacman Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 09/30/08
Posts: 1795
Loc: Houston TX
hook line and sinker.

#6001436 - 10/30/15 07:18 AM Re: Hats off to Browning and Thank You [Re: Gacman]
fast88 Offline

Registered: 10/13/13
Posts: 680
Loc: Smithville TX
Glad everything worked the way you wanted

#6001506 - 10/30/15 08:13 AM Re: Hats off to Browning and Thank You [Re: Gacman]
Deadend Online   content
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Registered: 09/07/09
Posts: 2519
Loc: Mineola,TX
Great story
Browning fan here ,haven't had to send anything back yet ,,,,,
Good luck with the a-5
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#6001840 - 10/30/15 11:37 AM Re: Hats off to Browning and Thank You [Re: Gacman]
Maxus Offline

Registered: 01/05/11
Posts: 93
Loc: Wise County
I've had my Maxus since the day they released them back in 08 or 09. It has functioned flawlessly all of these years. Sounds to me like you got a POS, like previously stated.

Good luck with the new A5, that will be my next duck gun as a back up of course lol.


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