Professional Series 1/2 mile range with waterproof transmitter and collar.
No antenna on the collar.
Collar strap never cut or shortened.
Lightweight transmitter can be worn around the neck (lanyard provided) or clipped to you belt with a removable cell-phone style belt clip.
"Nick" and "Constant" stimulation selected with buttons.
E-Linear progression of intenstiy from very low to very high selected with patented rheostat dial on top of the transmiiter. No jumping between levels.
Dual lead charger included.
Sold in factory storage case with foam cutouts.

The linear progression of electrical stimulation offers the trainer the means to adjust the level desired at the hand-held transmitter starting from a "zero" level graduating up to the necessary level in a linear progression (no steps or increments) using the Dogtra patented "rheostat dial".

This is a very powerful e-collar. "Constant" Stimulation gives you plenty of guidance or correcting power and the "Nick" is mild but motivating. The dial on the transmitter allows you to change the level of the collar even as you are working the dog.

$150 near SMU in Dallas