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#5990686 - 10/23/15 01:15 PM Batining
Indyoshi Offline

Registered: 10/12/15
Posts: 186
Loc: Dickinson, TX
So...I know baiting is a big no no on public land. I plan to do some public land for the first time this year. I have a couple questions about some "grey" area. "Bait" in the outdoor annual is defined as "Minerals, vegetative material, or any other food substance placed to lure any wildlife resource."

I think re-reading that may have answered my question, but Ill see what others may chime in on it.

So if you find a tree that is loaded with acorns and set up next to it, that is not baiting. What if you kick a pile of the acorns together? Im guessing just making a pile of them would be considered baiting since it would then be "placed" by a person rather than nature. Would it be baiting if you are moving a natural resource within the same area that you are hunting to another area?

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#5990727 - 10/23/15 01:40 PM Re: Batining [Re: Indyoshi]
colt.45 Offline
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Registered: 03/16/12
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Loc: wondering about the woods
muyloco here... i likes ta eat a heafty bowl or two of beans the night before head down ta WMA... Climb up me favoret tree, & use windage, tend ta fart a lot, & the deer catch the scent of a bean filled pasture... i gots cheap posts...
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i'm postaddic

#5991053 - 10/23/15 04:44 PM Re: Batining [Re: Indyoshi]
oldoak2000 Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 09/16/07
Posts: 2547
Loc: North Texas
Welcome to forum!
If you move it you've placed it; doesn't matter where it came from or how far. I'd hunt it without moving it.

#5991076 - 10/23/15 04:56 PM Re: Batining [Re: Indyoshi]
texashelms Offline

Registered: 03/01/08
Posts: 533
Loc: Texas
You're over thinking it. If deer are eating acorns just let it be and hunt that area. No it is not baiting if hunt over natural or a planted food source.

#5991930 - 10/24/15 11:25 AM Re: Batining [Re: Indyoshi]
Indyoshi Offline

Registered: 10/12/15
Posts: 186
Loc: Dickinson, TX
Yeah... I am overthinking it. I am just very anxious to get out there and do what I can to better my chances. I suppose if food is in the area, its in the area. Putting it in a pile wont do anything extra and the last thing I want to do is break any rules/laws. I am going out next weekend to do some scouting. I have been looking at topo maps, google earth, and trying to learn as much as possible to find a good spot(s).

I have been hunting for deer for several years (for about 5 years then didnt hunt at all for several years), but I still have yet to get one. I missed a nice buck on my first bow hunt (stupid rushed thinking of 30 feet and put it on the 30 YARD pin...sigh). I hunted mainly state land in Indiana with a few sightings and hunting buddies got some in the same area.

I know public land is tough, and no one wants to point out any "good area", but if anyone has any tips for Sam Houston I am all ears. Id be willing to barter for info. Beer, small welding jobs, whatever. Im south of Houston if anyone wants to shoot the shart about hunting. I also duck hunt and had some luck with redheads on public land. I dont know why people say they arent good..hahaha Butterflied and stuffed with jalapeno, smoked gouda cheese, and wrapped in bacon and grilled tasted like a bacon wrapped filet. anyways....thanks for the replies.
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#5992050 - 10/24/15 12:52 PM Re: Batining [Re: Indyoshi]
Bigfoot Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 08/06/14
Posts: 1056
Loc: Galveston Bay
I hunt there for hogs mostly but not too succesful just yet with only 1 pig down and 3 chances at them.

One thing I noticed is that in deer season the deer are being pushed a lot by other hunters. I have been sitting in a spot only to watch a few deer come running by and then 10 minutes later here comes a hunter. SO keep that in your strategy. Those deer are going to be pushed around a lot and that can be to your advantage but it can also blow out the deer in an area also.

My plan this year is to drive the roads at dusk and see where they are at on the roads. Next day get in there and find their trail and set up and hopefully get one.

You can use scents and rattling/calls but I wouldnt mess around with any baiting. In fact if you see corn or some type of baiting in the area I would leave or contact the game warden immediately

I have been hunting Stubblefield for deer and there are a lot of them but lots of hunters also. This year I am going to find a spot out of the way that isnt popular and see if that works better

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