Pope brothers Guide Service and Outfitting has been in the business for 18 years and have taken a lot of free range Aoudad sheep. Here are just a few Hill Country Free Range Aoudad taken over the years and have taken a lot more. we have 10,000 plus acres Free range with large rocky hills and about the only thing you will see is Aoudad sheep roaming around with a large natural spring running through the ranch so its quite a view. since it mainly cedar and live oak, the style of hunting these big rams is not an easy hunt but enjoyable and rewarding to be honest. we have some blinds but mostly sitting up in high points on edge of bluffs overlooking canyons where aoudad cross and come to feed. We have been seeing many big rams this year and the best time to hunt these big rams is in the cooler temperature when food source dies like acorns and they hit feed well. the price of our Free range Aoudad Sheep hunt is $3500 for a 3 day all inclusive package hunt which includes all your meals and lodging and guiding and a trophy Aoudad Ram. If your interested you can message us or contact the numbers below. Thanks and hope to earn your business.
Clay Pope (956)763-3232
Josh Johnson (512)954-8648

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