A-Frame and/or Swing set and or deer feeder

condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: GameTime Playground Equipment
size / dimensions: 10 feet long 11 feet tall

A-Frame and/or Swing set and or deer feeder hoist.

Custom made A Frame.

Top rail is a 3 inch steel pipe. STRONG. MASSIVE. 10 feet long.

Posts are 2 inch steel pipes. 11 feet tall. Makes the A Frame very tall. Tall. Strong. Massive,

Could be used in a auto repair shop, or as a swing set (same as used in state parks or in municipal parks.

Or used as the frame to use on a deer lease on a winch up deer feeder system. Easily hole multiple barrels and set up, just add winches to poles.

NOT WELDED. Like a state park, this is a massive bolt together frame. The manufacturer is GAME TIME in Litchfield. Google them. They make Commercial Playground Equipment designed for state parks, Cities, etc. www.GameTime.com

I have $800 invested, will take first $250 cash.

Has everything except swings. Did have swings,

Has the swing brackets on the top beam, easily attach swings.

Or use the swing brackets on top beam to attach deer feeders or chains in an auto repair shop, etc.

Way overbuilt. Massive. Heavy. Round pipe construction.

I am in Ft Worth.

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