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#5970974 - 10/10/15 05:41 PM Age this Buck?
don k Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 08/27/08
Posts: 10548
Loc: Bandera, Tx
Who cares? If you like it shoot it. Now you can't shoot a Buck until it is ready to die a natural death? This scoring, is it mature, will it be better next year crap is getting out of hand. If you want to shoot a Deer shoot it. Now if you shoot a Buck that is " Not mature. Not at least 150" Not in a LF. Then you can't put a picture of something you were proud to take on this forum. Who gives a rats rear end what anybodies opinions are? This is my opinion and I stand by it.

#5971098 - 10/10/15 07:38 PM Re: Age this Buck? [Re: don k]
kmon1 Offline

Registered: 09/27/06
Posts: 22890
Loc: Texas
The 3 most important questions to me are

Is the deer legal?
Do I like it enough to use a tag?
Am I confident making the shot?

If all of those are yes, then shoot the deer.

Guidelines / Rules of Conduct

RULES for using the TRADING POST

#5971101 - 10/10/15 07:42 PM Re: Age this Buck? [Re: don k]
Bbcat78 Offline

Registered: 01/15/12
Posts: 787
Loc: Ft. Worth Tx
I shoot them to eat so if it's legal it's down

#5971193 - 10/10/15 08:56 PM Re: Age this Buck? [Re: don k]
QuitShootinYoungBucks Online   content
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 11/01/12
Posts: 8771
Loc: Lubbock, TX
Originally Posted By: don k
Who gives a rats rear end what anybodies opinions are?

Maybe the people asking for opinions?

#5971257 - 10/10/15 09:35 PM Re: Age this Buck? [Re: don k]
8pointdrop Offline
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 12/16/11
Posts: 4962
Loc: My favorite place TEXAS
I don't post many but when I do y'all aren't going to change my mind one way or the other. I do like learning though, and lots of people here know a bunch more than me, so I like hearing what y'all think.

Biggest reason I lease alone now, I'll kill what I want. If I kill a 3.5 year old 150 I will be mad at myself. You might be fine with killing a 3.5 yr old that "could have" been better, but I'm not..

#5971261 - 10/10/15 09:37 PM Re: Age this Buck? [Re: don k]
stxranchman Online   content
Obie Juan Kenobi

Registered: 08/04/10
Posts: 52559
I care

#5971290 - 10/10/15 10:04 PM Re: Age this Buck? [Re: don k]
338ultra Online   content
Pro Tracker

Registered: 12/10/10
Posts: 1857
Loc: Waco, TX
The people like me who have a management plan based off of a healthy age structure for their deer herd.
See Rule 17: Sig pics to be no more than 600 pixels wide x 125 pixels tall.

#5971292 - 10/10/15 10:05 PM Re: Age this Buck? [Re: don k]
grout-scout Offline
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 08/29/09
Posts: 3592
Loc: Boerne, Texas
Some people haven't been hunting forever and have leases where the deer are supposed to be a certain age. Some just post pics because they are proud of the deer they are seeing. I get tired of seeing the bucks here because they are all bigger than the deer we have, genetics suck in our area and proteins just too costly when you have 25 deer eating it. Yes, I am poor and I don't care if people ask for opinions on a deers age.

#5971330 - 10/10/15 10:38 PM Re: Age this Buck? [Re: don k]
dogdown23 Offline

Registered: 02/15/14
Posts: 958
Loc: TX
Maybe you don't need to be on a HUNTING FORUM sir. If you don't like people asking age and score then by God don't look at their post. The guys asking for opinions care and there are lots of folks on this forum who will try and help them out.. This is my opinion and I stand by it!

Edited by dogdown23 (10/10/15 10:39 PM)

The only thing that'll stop a bad man with a gun, is a good man with a gun.

#5971363 - 10/10/15 11:53 PM Re: Age this Buck? [Re: don k]
txshntr Online   content
T-Rex Arms

Registered: 09/24/10
Posts: 35148
Loc: Mansfield, Texas
I personally like the age threads, but mainly because I just like seeing pictures of deer. As far as knowing the age of a deer, I like to shoot mature deer instead of any deer. Always curious what others thoughts are too.

Also, I have learned a lot from reading some of those threads and implemented it to see if it holds true for the herd I hunt. Just another dynamic of hunting for some, the management practices provide a sense of accomplishment when someone kills a big buck and they can attribute their efforts to growing a buck of that caliber.

Not sure why you say people can't post a lessor deer on the forum. There are plenty of deer that don't meet your listed requirements that get posted. As with HF/LF, bow/rifle, public/private, guided/DIY, etc., there will always be people that disagree simply because it isn't the way they each their own.

Not sure how management minded people bothering you is any different than a person that shoots "any deer" bothers management minded people. To each their own, just enjoy it cheers

#5971377 - 10/11/15 12:31 AM Re: Age this Buck? [Re: don k]
8pointdrop Offline
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 12/16/11
Posts: 4962
Loc: My favorite place TEXAS
I've always wondered if you let your hunters kill 2 yr old rams on your place? I've read posts where you say they can kill whatever deer they want. Do the same rules apply for rams don?

Edited by 8pointdrop (10/11/15 12:31 AM)

#5971498 - 10/11/15 08:24 AM Re: Age this Buck? [Re: don k]
colt.45 Online   content
THF Celebrity

Registered: 03/16/12
Posts: 10282
Loc: wondering about the woods
It's all about management... That's why they get the Big Bucks... flag

i'm postaddic

#5971726 - 10/11/15 11:50 AM Re: Age this Buck? [Re: don k]
allterrain Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 11/21/14
Posts: 343
Loc: Arlington Tx
I also like to look at all the age pics and throw in my 2 cents of opinion. First and foremost I will never stop learning about wildlife habitat and continue to be a student of age, score, culling and herd management.
Deer Season is short, Hunt Hard My Friends!!

#5971969 - 10/11/15 03:30 PM Re: Age this Buck? [Re: don k]
Jkd106 Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 08/20/13
Posts: 1466
Loc: Fannin and Hall
I really only care, if you are on my lease or a lease joining mine, if you kill mature deer. As for, people asking opinions, I think its great to learn.

Edited by Jkd106 (10/11/15 03:32 PM)

#5974877 - 10/13/15 08:05 AM Re: Age this Buck? [Re: QuitShootinYoungBucks]
Pitchfork Predator Online   content
THF Celebrity

Registered: 01/25/13
Posts: 14080
Loc: Murphy, TX Dickens county
Originally Posted By: QuitShootinYoungBucks
Originally Posted By: don k
Who gives a rats rear end what anybodies opinions are?

Maybe the people asking for opinions?

When the OP asks should we all ignore the post?

Just because it doesn't interest you Don, doesn't mean it doesn't interest me.

I do agree that there are times when an opinion on age and score is not asked for by the OP but is given to them anyway by people who want them to hunt the way they do. And that can be offensive to the OP.
Marc C. Helfrich
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