Having a new baby very soon and testing the waters on selling my dream pistol, which I will inevitably regret if it I actually let it go.

Have a near mint condition Gen 4 Glock 20 chambered in 10mm, with ionbond treated slide, Brand new Trijicon HD suppressor height night sights (Cowitness through RMR) and Trijicon RMR RM01.

List of Parts/Upgrades and associated prices if you were to buy new at realistic prices:
Gen 4 G20 - $550
Slide Mill/Ionbond Treatment - 200
Trijicon Night Sights - 120
Fulcrum Trigger (very crisp break/reset) - $150
Trijicon RMR RM01 (3.25moa dot) - $450
2 Extra 15rd mags - $50

Total cost to do it yourself would be $1520, not including shipping taxes and hiding everything from your wife.

Also includes factory trigger.

I'm asking $1100

Would subtract 400 if you don't want the RMR, and 75 if you don't want the trigger.

Have shot this from a rest and put 5 shots of Underwood 155gr into a 1.5" group at 25 yards.

For those of you who've not shot a 10mm, the recoil is not as bad as you'd think. This is more manageable than shooting hot 45 loads out of a compact pistol.

Round count is very low and most of the rounds shot through it have been 40cal.

PM with your cell or email and I'll shoot you pictures.