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#5946469 - 09/25/15 02:19 PM Colorado Bend State Park - advice?
oddjob142 Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 09/24/15
Posts: 4
Has anyone hunted Colorado Bend State Park? I got drawn with my brother in law and from what I know...
5 compartments with 4-5 hunters on each
Lots of Cedar...Very thick without many clearings
Borders a river on the North

Anyone with experience hunting in thick cedar or this particular park, I would love to hear some advice.
-What do the deer in West TX eat? I am assuming not many acorns out your way. Trying to find a food source to look for on the satellite images to plan where to set up pop up blind.
-Which compartments are better out of the 5?
-Are the deer in 2nd rut around 12/9-12/11 or is that post rut?
-Are deer bleats good to use at that time of year?
-Is it better to set up near the few openings where there is grass for them to eat? Or the water on the North border of the property?
-How does the wind behave out in West TX? This is Bend, TX near Lampassas

This will be my first buck hunt and I am excited, but also trying to learn as much as I can get so it's more likely to be successful. Thanks ahead of time...

#5946614 - 09/25/15 03:51 PM Re: Colorado Bend State Park - advice? [Re: oddjob142]
QuitShootinYoungBucks Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 11/01/12
Posts: 8789
Loc: Lubbock, TX
It was my (mis?) understanding that at CBSP you hunted out of already established blinds in the various compartments, but maybe that has changed. There are plenty of oak trees in the area but by that time there shouldn't be many acorns left. It's not really 'West' Texas, more hill country or central Texas. There are lots of cedars, yes. You could get some secondary rutting activity around that time as the peak of the rut in that area is around 11/13-11/15 most years. Prevailing wind is SSE-SSW most of the time depending of course on frontal passages. I wouldn't bother with a grunt call unless you see a deer you're trying to stop. I would look at the map and see if there are any wheat/oat fields outside but near the park where deer might travel to/from.

#5950577 - 09/28/15 12:31 PM Re: Colorado Bend State Park - advice? [Re: oddjob142]
Leveled Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 09/25/15
Posts: 7
Report back anything you can. I have been selected for anterless / Spike on December 16-18. From what I can tell there was no hunting last year. Being a state park should be an advantage as this is normally a refuge for animals avoiding hunters. I have a feeling there will be a good chance at a exotic also.

#5950668 - 09/28/15 01:21 PM Re: Colorado Bend State Park - advice? [Re: oddjob142]
FoxTrot Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 10/03/07
Posts: 7254
Loc: Holland America
Never hunted there but I have fished there a lot. I have seen auodad there before and a lot deer. I know of a few really good deer killed just on the other side of the river.
Originally Posted By: Chief Joe
I avoid Dick's and hope they fold.

#5951847 - 09/29/15 04:43 AM Re: Colorado Bend State Park - advice? [Re: oddjob142]
copperhead Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 11/22/05
Posts: 1816
I've hunted CB three times and have killed deer all three times. There is a road that cuts roughly through the middle, running east to west. The compartments use the road as boundaries. I have hunted on the eastern compartment south of the road. This area is close to the river and the cedars are very thick with small openings. The other compartment I hunted was located on the north side of the parks HQ and maintenance shed. The cedars aren't as thick and there are a couple of shallow canyons to hunt. The other I hunted was the compartment located on the southwestern corner of the park and I think this is the best place. Lots of oaks and ridges to hunt. I saw more deer than anywhere else I hunted. There are Auodad and Spanish goats here too and at one time you could fill the back of your truck with as many as you could carry off. Wild hogs are abundant as well. You were allowed to bait witch I think you still would be. The park rangers there suggested Horse and Mule feed over corn, they said it seemed to draw the deer in better. Anyway, if you need any other info don't hesitate to ask. Let me know how you done too.

#5953658 - 09/29/15 09:57 PM Re: Colorado Bend State Park - advice? [Re: copperhead]
sqiggy Offline

Registered: 07/13/09
Posts: 2037
Loc: Franklin, Tx Hunt in Panola ...
Hunted there a few years back. Hunted the compartment left of the campground at the river. We hunted about the same time you are and my nephew shot a massive 10 point right at daylight. He walked up on this buck fighting another buck. I missed a big 9 with my bow. Right before he came in, I heard him behind some cedars making a rub. My brother missed a big 8. I ended up killing a spike on the last day. There were lots of oak trees on our compartment and lots of acorns on the ground. Think we saw more deer on the campground itself, but that was off limits.

#5955545 - 09/30/15 11:00 PM Re: Colorado Bend State Park - advice? [Re: oddjob142]
Brian C. Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 11/14/14
Posts: 263
Loc: Location
I posted this on another post bout CBSP........

Congrats on the Draw!!! My wife was drawn for an Either Sex tag last year for the second hunt and I was fortunate enough to get a Standby permit. Unfortunately I became very sick the first day but we pressed on anyway. We had an awesome time! My wife shot a spike the first afternoon while scouting the place and I shot a HEAVY bodied fork horn at dark. The following day around 1:30pm while eating a sack lunch in the field we had several deer run through the clearing. A short stalk and she got a nice 7 pnt. After that we decided to go with enough deer meat for ourselves. All together we saw probably around 25-30 deer. The deer are relatively small in the San Saba area with a few 130-140" popping up at the local taxidermist every year. Yes baiting is allowed with aflatoxin free corn (< 20 ppm). It is thick and rugged country. Rolling hills with deep draws and canyons covered mostly in cedar. Most hunters didn't go too far from the truck. Last year on the first hunt a guy did get an Audad in the steep canyon to the south of the main rd. which are free for the taking with hogs. A note on the hogs, last year the staff were entering anyone who shot a hog into a drawing for a new shotgun. So knock'em dead if you see one. (Presuming they repeat). The Staff last year were world class!!!!! Hands down Texas hospitality at its finest and everything TPWD stands for. Note on the terrian and staff, there are like over 200+ known caves/manholes in the park so DON'T go looking for a wounded deer at night too far. The staff have lights, ATVS, and Climbing/Repel gear to retrieve your animal. Yes I said repel and yes deer have fallen into caves out there after being shot. Best of luck to your son Sir! As luck would have it we applied as a group this year and were drawn for the Antlerless/Spike hunt in the middle of December. Let us know how it goes. Good Luck

We too will be there on Dec. 16-18 LEVELED. Maybe we will grill steaks!
God Bless Texas!!! Godspeed our Military!

#5957441 - 10/02/15 08:56 AM Re: Colorado Bend State Park - advice? [Re: oddjob142]
oddjob142 Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 09/24/15
Posts: 4
Should I just wait until I get assigned a compartment and then hunt where they put me? Or would it be better to find a couple different options beforehand on each compartment? I am going with my brother in law and I was told they put 4-5 people in each compartment. How do you typically divide up a compartment with people you've never met?

Anyone know where the deer are traveling to and from in the park? Is it better to stay in a blind or actually go and stalk? Is it typically pretty cold during that time? How long do I have to get a deer to a processor in Lampassas? Should I field dress/gut the deer beforehand or would I have enough time?

When ya'll hunted the park, did you camp there or drive in from a hotel? I don't mind camping, but my idea of camping always involves a campfire and I'm worried about smelling like a nice brisket from the campfire....

Thanks for all the help guys, it's been REALLY helpful.

#5958319 - 10/02/15 08:24 PM Re: Colorado Bend State Park - advice? [Re: oddjob142]
Brian C. Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 11/14/14
Posts: 263
Loc: Location
As far as dividing up compartments for the hunting parties goes as follows... First determine how many people are in your party. If you have a group of 4-6 individuals they will allow you all to hunt the same compartment. If it is a solo or just 2-3 people in your group then you will be hunting with another group(s) of hunters. All groups will be assigned a compartment. No picking to keep it fair, so unless you want to scout the whole park there will be no way of knowing which compartment you will get. They did ask all assigned groups within the compartments to divide the compartment in half and stay on your half... Now with this being said it was a general blanket rule thrown out in advance to settle any disputes before the hunt even starts. Park staff leave it up to the compartment hunters to decide amongst themselves to decide how to divide (North and South, East and West, Deep canyons and Big Thicket, River frontage and Hills.. you get the idea) and don't worry this rule isn't enforced unless there is a dispute. Its as much a safety rule then anything.

Deer Travel
There are literally deer or atleast deer sign all over the park. There is no real travel corridors or wheat fields of my knowledge to attempt to set up on. All deer are 100% free range living on native vegetation. Typically I would focus on oak thickets on top of little hills. Especially the ones large enough 3+ acres for them to be able to see anything coming. I have noticed the deer tend to congregate there. If you land a compartment with real thick cedars put out corn or if they still allow sweet feed.

There are preexisting blinds in the park from generations ago. Most are just cattle panel with T posts. No box blinds or even elevated blinds for that matter that I'm aware of. As far as location of the blinds its a gamble wether or not it will be the spot to be. The later in the season you go the more likely someone else might have wore it out. Now with that being said for the most part there is not a single piece of real estate in the park that sooner or later a deer will walk by. There are that many deer in hill country in general and it shows at CBSP. We still hunted mostly on our hunts. I guess as far as still hunting or sitting, I think it will come down to what kind of hunter you are. Both works.

I assume by your first post you will be hunting the middle of December. 40/60% chance of it being very cold. Typical highs in the 50/60 range with some days in the 70's. Now that doesn't mean a blue norther cant push though and set in 30*F temps. Most winter precipitation doesn't usually arrive til christmas or later in hill country from what I know but I live in north texas.

Field dress
Depends on temps. Above 50*F yes no matter what is my rule. Note on Field dressing..Seems like if I remember correctly last year when you go to check in your deer at the maintnace building they do record data from each deer for TPWD biologist. This info obviously helps them mange the heard. As a part of this all deer where aged by pulling a rear tooth from the bottom jaw (No worries if your have one you want to mount they will only look at tooth and not remove) Ha Ha saw you just cringe!!! and also weight the deer and ALL weights have to be dressed. I remember guys having to go over to the side and clean their deer before they would weigh it.

As you can tell from my previous post we stayed in San Saba although all hunters that do choose to camp will all be camping at the established camp ground down by the river. therefore there will be multiple campfires going every evening. In my career I have come to learn IMO smoke doesn't bother deer as much as it bothers their mind.

Hope this helps!!! Hope you get a good one.

God Bless Texas!!! Godspeed our Military!

#5959391 - 10/03/15 06:16 PM Re: Colorado Bend State Park - advice? [Re: oddjob142]
Hogflyer Offline

Registered: 03/09/09
Posts: 352
Loc: Near Lake Somerville TX.
First congrats to your party there, nice away park to hunt, i hunted there 2yrs ago, got drawn on
second hunt they had, think it was second week of dec. Was cold week then, I got stuck with some guys
that hunted the upper part of the part, the area at the cattle gaurd when you first come into the park area...
we had that section there. Saw 2 pigs, never got a shot, only saw 4 does, never got a shot either, way too far
to shoot... At that time, you could bring your own blinds, popup type.... I guy in our group of hunters got a nice
big 10 pt, somewhat deformed left side antlers, but still a keeper! was nice weekend to camp down by the river,
plenty of friends around the campsite if you stay there. Batten down your ice chests, gear, coons, porcupines around
plenty of friends, and some skunks, beware.... mostly all want a hand out, peacefull week, even though we came
home empty handed.....

Hope to do it again.....

hunt safe......
"Walk softly and carry a big stick!"

#6087822 - 12/16/15 02:44 PM Re: Colorado Bend State Park - advice? [Re: oddjob142]
oddjob142 Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 09/24/15
Posts: 4
I just got back from the hunt. It was a great park and there are tons of deer. I used sweet feed mixed with corn. Ended up with two bucks, one being the largest of the three day hunt. First was a 8pt that one point had been broken off. Weighed in at 107lb, aged at 6.5 yrs. Next one was a 7 pt weighing in at 70lbs and 2.5 years. I was in compartment 2 with 4 other hunters. These were my first bucks ever besides a spike a couple years back. Overall the deer were smaller but I got pretty lucky. Be careful driving in to the park in the mornings, I ran over a bunny and got to one ft of a doe. Many deer are on the roads and will actually move into u or run across in front of you. The park staff called it deer derby driving to and from...

Thanks everyone for the advice and help.





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