I have a 2nd generation Glock 22C. This is the standard size 40S&W glock with the ported barrel and slots cut in the slide to reduce recoil and muzzle rise.

The gun has had one box of ammo through it since new.

I'm looking to trade my 40 S&W 22C for a 9mm or 10mm Glock. The G22 is my only 40 caliber handgun and just trying to reduce the number of types of different ammo I have to buy.

The round count is approximately 100. It has only been to the range twice and never carried/holstered. I also have probably around 5 magazines and a couple hundred rounds of ammo. I purchased it new in approximately 2007 and I'm the only owner. I have the original box and all manuals. Even the sample shell casing.

If you are looking for one of these and have something else you think is really awesome you'd like to trade let me know.

Will send actual pics to those who have legitimate items to trade. I'm sure you all can look up a picture of a Glock 22C on the internet. That's what this looks like. smile

Timmy Tuna