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#5902926 - 08/29/15 05:47 PM My first hog ever!
Stickman11b Offline

Registered: 04/04/15
Posts: 86
Loc: Texas
This is late but, better late than never! I went on a hunt last week at 4J Hunting Ranch. It was my first time hunting a hog. Never been hog hunting didn't know anything about it what so ever. I posted a thread on here before in the hog, varmint and other species section. I'd like to thank all the guy's who gave me tips and helped me with what I needed to buy and didn't need to buy. Thank you all!

I waited a total of 8 and a half hours for this bad boy to come out. I remember the Ranch owner, Terry. Who by the way was very helpful. He informed me that this hunt was going to be very different. These were fenced in Hogs. That didn't really didn't dawn on me since again, I'd never been hog hunting ever. I got there kinda late but, we went through and he showed me all his light sensors and where to put the corn. He showed me all the places where the hogs might come out. My blood was pumping I was ready to go. After all the equipment inspections and all the spraying of cover scent I was ready to go! I sat in the blind and sat in the blind and sat in the blind, lol (yes I typed that on purpose) Most of you may already know where this is going but again my first hog hunt, it was very exciting for me. So as I sat. A light went off on one of the sensors, boom! what do we have here... I set my sights in. A Rac frickin coon. At first I thought that was really cool. I'd never been in a setting like this before. You know one with nature trees all around, birds chirping and the sound of crickets. With my blood still pumping. I'm so ready.. Another light goes off in the back, boom! another raccoon. Okay, I don't want this to get tedious but eventually there were a family of Raccoon's just eating away. It was getting really annoying with the light sensors going off and it always being a raccoon. I fell in and out of sleep lol. Which after the hunt I was reassured it's okay and normal. At this point I didn't wanna scare anything so I sat and it was hot! I didn't move an inch! seriously. Eventually around 2:30am I was getting ready to call it quits. I started getting kinda lazy. Moving about and turning the green flood light on and off. Didn't really see much but just the raccoon's still. I noticed and heard hog sounds. I didn't really pay attention to it because I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I've been on these types of missions before in Afghanistan were you wait for something to never happen, and nothing ever happens. Your mind plays tricks on you and you hear things and see things. So basically I thought I was hearing things. All of a sudden the raccoon's run the other direction. Now it's right around 2:50 maybe even 3am. The raccoon's come back, all 10 of them and start eating again. I notice in the feed spot about 40 yards from my blind one raccoon keeps moving in the direction to my left, while the other one keeps moving to the right. The one on the right though isn't eating with his hands. It looked like he was eating with his mouth. At this point I am extremely tired. Just as I am about to call it quits this time. I look through my scope, because at this point the raccoon of the right is moving really fast. Then I remember Terry the owner of the ranch told me to pay attention to the nature around me, especially the raccoon's. Then a light bulb goes off. I remember him saying "these hogs are caged in, they know your in the blind". My blood gets pumping again! I focus my sight in again, wait a minute, that's a hog! It had been eating for awhile and I could tell because it wasn't running back and fourth as much and came toward the light more and more. I put my scope on it and as soon as it comes in my cross-hairs, BAM! Hog down. It's around 3:20am and I won't bore you with the rest but It was very fun and out of all the hunts I've been on, I really enjoyed this one the most. Even if I hadn't been succesful I still would of enjoyed the nature aspect of it. It was so peaceful, hot! but peaceful. Here is a picture of my harvest. Sorry if it's not clear it was taken from my cell phone. You can also find more information on the 4J Hunting Ranch on the internet or here is the direct line 832-452-8738 the owners name is Terry.

There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.


#5903236 - 08/29/15 08:57 PM Re: My first hog ever! [Re: Stickman11b]
woolyhogtail Offline

Registered: 04/27/09
Posts: 47
thats dedication right there

#5903268 - 08/29/15 09:14 PM Re: My first hog ever! [Re: Stickman11b]
rickym Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 06/14/15
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Loc: texas
Originally Posted By: Grizz
Wingshooting is like sex for me - I love doing it but I'm just not that good at it.

#5903308 - 08/29/15 09:35 PM Re: My first hog ever! [Re: Stickman11b]
jerry hart Offline

Registered: 10/30/08
Posts: 864
Loc: pearland,tx
good eating
avid deer hunter that is disable but God has still blessed me.

#5903322 - 08/29/15 09:43 PM Re: My first hog ever! [Re: Stickman11b]
the lab Offline

Registered: 05/10/13
Posts: 577
Well done, congratulations

#5903352 - 08/29/15 10:04 PM Re: My first hog ever! [Re: Stickman11b]
Nick1 Offline

Registered: 07/27/14
Posts: 245
Loc: Central Tx
cool story...congrats..makes me wanna go hog huntin!!

#5903922 - 08/30/15 12:52 PM Re: My first hog ever! [Re: Stickman11b]
CitySlickerHunter Offline
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#5903948 - 08/30/15 01:14 PM Re: My first hog ever! [Re: Stickman11b]
Cast Offline
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You're hooked now. I'm sorry man.

I have a short attention spa

#5906652 - 08/31/15 08:52 PM Re: My first hog ever! [Re: Stickman11b]
TCB Offline
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Registered: 09/01/04
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Loc: Denton, TX
Congrats and nice write up!!


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