I have 1,100 rounds of factory mixed .45 ACP for sale. I checked retail prices on Midway a few days ago and they are as follows:

Winchester 45 230 grain FMJ 100 round value pack 42.99 each.
Tula 45 230 grain FMJ 50 round box 17.79 each.
Winchester 45 230 grain JHP 37.49 each.
and Federal Champion 45 230 grain FMJ RN 17.97 each.

Breakdown is as follows:

6 boxes wwb 230g fmj 100ct 258.00
6 boxes Tula 230g fmj 50ct 106.74
2 boxes wwb 230g jhp 50ct 74.98
and 2 boxes FC 230g fmj rn 35.94

Total retail 475.66 without tax. ASKING 375.00

The other wwb 100rd value pack has been opened and has 80 rounds in it. I'm throwing it in as a freebie.

None of the ammo is over 4 years old and boxes are date marked for rotation. All ammo always kept in a cool, dry place.

I would prefer to sell all 1,100 rounds at once and not have to break it up. Good value for someone looking to buy in bulk.

Asking 375.00. In and around the Lindale area. Please, no shipping. No trades.


Edit to add: Some of the ammo in the WWB JHP boxes have been loaded into magazines. Maybe five or six rounds of the two boxes have been chambered. And if so chambered, each round only once. I'm trying not to leave anything out as I try to be as honest as possible.

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