In the hunting trading section I have a post, Mojos & Waterfowling Gear, that lists a few items I'd like to sell. If you’re not in the market for waterfowling gear, it’s likely you didn’t see the post. My intention is not to double post, however, since the original post contains spinner set-up insights that may be appreciated by those hunting with spinners, especially those that are using vintage metal wing Mojos or looking for a way to add additional motion to still or near freezing water, I’m hoping it’s appropriate to also post a link in this section.

Plus the post contains a special bonus tip for those that might enjoy seeing their hunting buddies splashed with freezing cold swamp water… Please take a look.

Besides the insight, the package includes:

• Drake Mojo with stake
• Hen Mojo with stake
• Drake Lucky Duck with stake (needs fuse holder and fuse)
• Marsh Seat – adjustable with strap
• Dog Timber Stand
• Decoy rigging material – lead weights, cord, etc
• 3 crow/raven decoys
• Bonus – I’ll throw in a NON-WORKING Mojo Mallard Machine (3 decoy version). While it’s currently not working parts should be available


Blue Moon