Big bucks are often earned. Some buy tags and go guided. Some just work their tails off and make sure they know where they are. Some grow them on their own ranch.
All of this awesome in my book. But sometimes it is hard to pull these off. Here is how some of my friends do it.
They have a few guys who like to go hunting together. They like to take their wife with them. I know of some guys who do this. One of the guys wife’s has a bow tag in a great place this year. He has been scouting for her. So how to do it is go with your buddies and/or kids and/or wife and apply for hunts. One of you might draw. All of you go help him get a big buck. It really does work. It is how many guides are successful is that they have a lot of eyes looking for the big ones. If you do not draw then you get to go another year. You will probably be building points so you can go.
This is a way you can go on many hunts of a lifetime. I attach a picture of a buck that this great deer hunter has scouted out for his wife. It is a huge typical.
Hopefully if she gets it they will let me post the pictures. But they are letting me post this picture.
This is one big typical. Sometimes friends and family can make all the difference in finding a big deer.


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