Howdy y'all,

My very close friend is now a Kryptek camo dealer. He offers competitive pricing on the entire Kryptek line. If you dont see it on the website, he can get it.

I am not a camo fan, never been (except for bow hunting), but i recently purchased some kryptek to help my buddy out and i am dang impressed. First, this stuff is silent. Second, its insanely comfortable, cool, very well built, and soft. Lastly, it actually is a pattern that blends in extremely well. This has been my biggest reason i have hated camo, and especially the higher priced top tier camo. To me its all gimmicks and form over function. This stuff actually does exactly what camo is supposed to do. Keep in mind if you lay it on your lawn it wont disappear, but you dont hunt in your front lawn. To be honest, i say well built and solid based on initial impression, time will tell but materials are top notch.

Here is website, please stop by and take a look.
Jorge Sakai
South Texas Trophy Outfitters

Contact #: 210-837-6742