I am posting here instead of the general forums in hopes more dog people will see it.
I have a 80% Great Pyrenees, 20% Anatolian female mix a little over a year old that needs a good home.
All shots are current until November and she is on Heartgard every month.
The main reason we need to re-home her is that she is not good with the chickens. Her sister won't even look at a chicken, but this one wants to chase. She has been around our goats some, but has not developed into a full adult guardian animal yet.
She is not a house dog or a pet. These dogs are usually keep outside with the livestock. She is friendly and playful (too much sometimes), and can actually be a little standoffish.
I got her free as a puppy, so don't feel I should be asking anything for her.
I live in Bruceville TX, about 20 miles south of Waco. Meeting 1/2 way at a reasonable distance is not out of the question.
Thanks, David

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