I have lots of hogs. Great box stands as well as bow stands. Box stands are on food plots with corn feeders year round. Camping area available and motel, restaurant and bar is 10 miles away. Hunting area is near Toledo Bend Lake. No limit on hogs you can kill. Success has been 100% the past few months. Area has year round creek running through it and where ever there is water in the Summer you will find Hogs. Night Vision Scopes and rifles available. Price is $500.00 per hunter for three day of hunting. jameswaddill@aol.com Phone number: 1-800-962-4566

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I am a VERY active outdoors person who manages 5 parcels of land consisting of Deer Leases, Farms and Private Property. I am also a Developer/Contractor specializing in building Beach Homes along the Gulf Coast. I developed the Elevated Slab System.