Looking for a deer lease in NW Texas for my dad and me. If you have a big place, I can help get more people. We like to feed 17% Red chain protein year round. The less the lease cost is, the more we are willing to feed. Prefer to keep the price under $3k and ideally around 2000-2500. I want more than 100 acres per person, really about 400+. I might also consider the hill country. I grew up hunting and managing a lease in the hill country. I told my dad we need to go to NW Texas. After the last 2 years in Crowell, my dad doesn't really want to go back to the hill country, unless its a great deal. I'm 33 and he is 69. Owner decided not to lease anymore last week so we are having to get our stuff off. I would like to find a place to move everything from our old lease to new one so I don't have to drag all the way back home.