Hey! I just want yall to know that if you have a pig problem on your land or you know of any one who does I can help! Me and my friends have been building traps and trapping and hunting pigs for a long time. We do keep some live and sell them to make are money. It is are passion to hunt and trap pigs. I'm finishing up college with a degree in wildlife management and have studied hogs and other problem animals. We do hunt them day and night and will set out cameras to figure out there feeding patterns and times of movement to find the best place to set are traps. If you have any questions please message me on here and we can talk further! This is all free and I'm here to help with your hunting property or ranch/farm!

Thank you for reading and feel free to message me any time!
Texas Hog Hunter texas

Weapons of choice-
Ruger M77 .308
Custom Built .300 Blackout
S&W M&P 40