If you're looking for unique hunt, here it is...............

One of our outfitters in Alaska just called me last night and has one opening for a Dall Sheep float hunt. Not a typo......a float hunt!!!

This hunt takes place in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on one of the most scenic rivers in all of Alaska. Our outfitter has the exclusive guide permits for this area so no worry about competition from other outfitters. Since this area is so remote, it also sees very few resident hunters. Success rate on this hunt has been over 90% most years. In 2013 the hunters went 10 for 10 and last year hunters were 6 for 8. The two hunters that didn't take sheep had plenty of opportunities but chose to pass on multiple sheep holding out for for a certain size ram. Rams in the area range anywhere from 37-40" with the occasional one topping 41". Caribou can also be added on this hunt on a trophy fee basis of $2,000.00. If you're into fishing, the Grayling and Arctic Char can be absolutely spectacular on this trip!!

Here's how the hunt usually works..........hunters will be dropped off and float down the river. Every couple of days or so, the hunter and guide will stop at known drainages that hold sheep and then hike in to hunt. These hikes in/out may take 2-3 days so only a few of these hikes will be done on the entire trip. Elevations in this area top out at 7,000/7,500 feet so this hunt is not as physical as some of the other sheep hunts. . Most sheep that are taken are found in the 3,500-5,000 elevation.

Dates of the hunt: Aug. 20-30th
Cost: Now only $14,500.00

1x1 Guiding
Meals and accommodations(tent)
All meat transportation - no charge for flying meat out

Not included:
Airfare from one's home to Fairbanks and then to Fort Yukon, Alaska (flights from Fairbanks to Ft. Yukon average $2-300.00)
Charter to camp from Ft. Yukon - $1,500 R.Trip
License and tags
Any hotels needed before/after the hunt

Please feel free to call me with any questions

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