If you are not familiar with these, use google and do some research. This is a pretty uncommon/rare gun. When Vector Arms got into the Uzi business upon obtaining equipment and inventory from Group Industries, they also obtained a very few original Action Arms/IMI Mini Uzi receivers. The numbers I've heard have been 200-300. Some of these Vector made into registered pistols, some they kept as mini uzi carbines. This is one of those. It differs from the current mini-Uzi carbines as sold by Atlantic Firearms ($1250) in that the original Action Arms/IMI receiver markings are still on the receivers, and you will notice that there are still "ribs" on the back of the receiver underneath the rear sight - 1 where the Receiver markings are located and 2 on the reverse side. The mini uzi carbines sold by Vector now are made from cut down Group industries Uzi receivers and do not have these ribs (or IMI/Action Arms markings). Also unlike the current Vector Arms mini uzi's this one still has Hebrew markings on the receiver for safe and fire. It also still has it's bayonet lug.

In short, this is a Mini Uzi carbine made with an actual IMI/Action Arms mini uzi carbine receiver. It comes complete in the original box with the original owners manual. Included are a dozen surplus IMI Isreali magazines - 11 25 round Star marked surplus mags and one 32 round IMI marked mag. Also included is an original (and Isreali Defense Marked) mini carbine sling with pad. That's about $150 in magazines and another $50 or more for the sling (it came direct from Isreal, they are hard to obtain here). It has a folding metal stock. It is a perfect candidate to SBR as there are semi-auto 8" barrels available for the gun. That was my original intention when I bought it, I just never got around to it and find myself with too many 9mm carbines. I have not shot it, I'm not sure that it even has been shot. It is in excellent condition.

I will price it less than the current offerings at Atlantic - $1200. I'd like to do a FTF in the North Dallas area (I am in Plano). I am open to partial trades. I'm interested in Chinese AKs, S&W revolvers, Glock 19, and ? I do have it cross listed. I wanted to offer it locally before putting it up on auction. First to say they take it, gets it. Either a PM or an email - elbattey@verizon.net will work to reach me.

It has been SPF. Thanks, Earl


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