Showing how i added a patina to my ESEE JG3 with mustard and vinegar to prevent rust.I decided to patina it after i went fishing the day before on my boat and the leather sheath got wet causing some rust by morning time. I hope you found this video helpful i do like the ESEE JG3 and recommend it

Comparing my Esee JG3 to my Esee Izula II for those who have an izula and wanted to see the size difference between the two. I really like the Esee JG3 it is about a half inch longer in the handle and about a half inch longer in the blade than the izula II. I bought a kydex sheath from and have had no problem using the JG3 as my daily carry. if you are on the fence if you should buy the JG3 i say go for it i don't think you will be disappointed, one thing i will mention is you will have to oil or patina it though