Rossi / Puma Slicked No Safety M92 Rifle .38/357 Stainless 12+1 24" Oct Barrel. Gun was slicked by using Steve Young's / Steve's Gunz in Lampasas, TX (Rossi Slicking Expert) parts and specifications. Steve's Gunz did not do the work because of the backlog at the time but was done by a professional gunsmith. However the parts came direct from Steve's Gunz (I know because I ordered them online from them). Original Box, paperwork and some of the original parts ( plug, and springs). Also includes the original instructions for work done. I paid right at $900.00 with taxes for the gun and gunsmith work. The gun has about 1500 rounds through it and is in mint condition. I am looking for a quality Hunting Bow Package Mathews, Bowtech, Hoyt or other quality bows. I have a 29" draw and looking for s 70lb pull.