Well.. after careful consideration, I have decided that owning a night vision scope and rifle is not for me. Why, you ask? Well.. I have owned it over a year and have yet to shoot the dang thing.. lol

I had it sighted in for me and it has sat inside the case since then, with an occasional trip out of the case to oggle at.

To me, that means it is not worth having as, frankly, I go to the ranch and by the time it is dark, I simply do not feel like hunting.

SO.. I will pass on an exceptional deal to you all.

Caliber - .308
Model - Ruger American Bolt Action
Scope - Photon 5x
Additional items for scope: UNV-2R Long Range LED Infrared Illuminator, Photon Doubler kit, MDVR Night Vision Mini DVR

I also CAN sell the Photon 550R with this, but I am fine with keeping that as I enjoy watching the animals before the sun comes up when I DO get to hunt.

Now, I paid a good amount for all of this and it has had like 12 shots fired through it MAX and that was at a range. The DVR plugs into the Scope to record and I have never even used it.. heh

Bottom line here is, it is sitting in the closet and I doubt I will ever even use it as night hunting is boring to me alone and I rarely get anyone wanting to hunt at night AND.. well.. when I DO hunt, I hunt during the day.

So.. here is the breakdown:

Gun - $325

Scope/DVR/IR/Doubler - 900

I am NOT breaking up the scope and doubler and other items, sorry.. one is worthless to me without the other. I do not mind selling the scope etc without the gun, but I will wait to see if someone wants it WITH the gun since it is already mounted and sighted in.

Here is a picture of the gun. The DVR can be googled or found on the Ultimatenightvision.com website.

Great stuff.. but I flat out have no time to use it.

If you want the Pulsar 550R as well, you can have that for $425.. but, again, not worried if that sells as I have used it and it is a nice tool for me, albeit a nice thing to have with the other items as it is lighter than the gun.

Hunting is easy..it's getting permission from your wife that is tough.