Ok, not complaining, but after several years on this lease I have come to the conclusion the deer that frequent my lease are fair weather deer. All the adages about deer hunting during the nasty weather have not panned out and just about the only time we see deer there is when the weather is good. Super cold doesn't work, snow doesn't work, during or after rain storms don't work, typically mid 60's down to mid 30's with sun or clouds is the right recipe for deer sightings.

Case in point, I have a cell camera on one of my feeders, and for the last 6 weeks I have not had a single deer show up (I am pretty sure we all remember what the last 6 weeks had been like for north Texas) but today I wake up and have deer there this am, and tonight I have deer there for nearly an hour. I don't even know what they are eating there, since I am pretty sure the feeder has been out of corn for a few weeks, but maybe the corn settled in the big puddle under the feeder and wasn't soured being under water for a few weeks??

Just thought it was funny. Have had to adjust hunting patterns over these last couple years as I have learned the patterns of these deer around this lease. Just glad to have deer and the opportunity to get some action in the fall. Bow season can't come soon enough, going to hit it hard this year for the first time and see if that helps us get the big ones!

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