Roughly 440 pieces of mixed h.s. .308 brass. Give or take a handful.

I didn't see any berdan or steel cases, and I ran a magnet over to make sure. Looks like a it's a mix of commercial and military from the few handfuls I looked at.

$75 shipped, paypal

Standard Dies

6.5 Carcano Hornady Custom Grade Dies w/shellholder $35

.223 Lee Die Set, no FCD included(forgot to take it out before the pic). So it's just a 2 die set and no shellholder $15

.38 auto/ .38 super carbide 3 die set, no FCD. $20

.44spcl carbide 3 die set, no FCD. $20

I'll ship the .38 and .44 with or without the round box. It's cheaper without it though.

Lee Whack a Mole sets

.30-30, the cardboard box is damaged and can be seen in the photo. I don't know what got on this set, but it's rusty and will need some cleaning on it. $15

.45acp set, plastic box, complete except for the expander plug, dropped it the box the other day and can't find this part. Looks like a loaded round. $20


.45 GAP, 98 pcs, $12.50

.357 SIG, 282 pcs, mostly brass with probably 50 nickel mixed in. $17.50

.380, mixed nickel and brass, 35pcs, $5

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