Walmart had the long sleeve shirt for $17 so thought I would add it to my cart. When the shirt came I was disappointed with the seams. They were scratchy, loose and messy. Perhaps I have worn running shirts and became too spoiled. The elastic at the sleeves reminds me of old clothes that I find that have hard elastic that crinkles and never returns to shape but these were just hard and did return to shape. The elastic was also partly exposed inside the sleeve. The tag felt like card stock which I think would make it easier to remove but the sewing was again loose. The fabric is very thin and I was able to take a picture with my phone wrapped in the shirt which isn't necessarily bad. The fit was not great for me and bound up at the chest and shoulder area. All things combined I am not impressed with the shirt, sad to see made in USA when many of my shirts of asian origins are better made. Package states they are for chiggers and ticks but what size mosquitoes do people claim partial to full protection from? I just caught a giant one and am worried about what the puddles are spawning.