Colorado Migration Elk Hunt
Opportunity to Harvest 2 Elk!
Also a Father/Son or Daughter Special. Must be under 18

We are excited to announce a great opportunity with one of our favorite outfitters under Colorado's Ranching for Wildlife Program. This hunt takes place in NW Colorado on a private ranch that consists of more than 40,000 acres. Our outfitter has been trying to secure this family ranch for over 10 years and has finally gotten the lease. Under the Ranching for Wildlife Program they are allowed 20 bulls and 20 cows on this ranch. Hunters have an option to shoot a bull, or make it a double by adding a cow. We have also worked out a special package with this outfitter to offer this hunt as a Father/Son or Daughter hunt allowing two hunters to harvest one bull and one cow between them. This hunt is run out of a two story plantation style home. Usually there are 5 hunters per week. The hunts will run for 5 weeks starting on October 24th. These elk are moving from the higher ground to their winter range allowing for excellent hunting opportunities. Bulls from 260-280 are the norm. Occasionally a bull up to/slightly over 300 may be taken. The outfitter is expecting 90% opportunity on this hunt. This is a very easy hunt physically as transportation during the hunt will be done mainly with Polaris Rangers.

Open dates are:
Oct. 24-28 4 spots
Oct. 31-Nov. 2 spots open
Nov. 7-11 2 spots open

Base Hunt Price: $5,950
Two Elk Combo $7,950
Father/Son or Daughter Two Elk Hunt $7500
(Youth License is only $100 for non-resident - good for cow or bull)

2x1 guiding
Transportation during the hunt(Polaris Rangers)
Transportation of game to meat processor

Not included:
Tags/License - Non resident Cow is $429 and Bull is $629. These costs include the license, tag and habitat stamp.
Processing of game taken
Brett Mattson
Hosted Hunts
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