OK, I need some help from the night hunters. I'll have the ATN X-sight 3-12 tomorrow. I'll be using it for hunting coyotes, set up and call situations. Also for hunting hogs, probably mostly over a feeder for now. Hog hunting for now is a 2 hour drive away, but I have some local property access for calling coyotes. It's only 4-500 acres, so I don't think I'll be able to put much pressure on them. From the little day hunting I've done in other areas, I've never had any luck calling. Just the occasional opportunity when deer hunting.

Do you guys use your night vision rifle sight for scanning, or another hand held monocular for scanning. I know the AR is going to get heavy quick with the ATN attached. I do have a monopod to rest it on, but even that will get cumbersome moving it around.

What's your set up? What monoculars can pick up eye shine at 150-200 yds, for under $300. I'll be using a T50 on the rifle. So I can use the IR illuminator off of the ATN 3-12 or pick up another T 38 or T 50...

thanks for your input
God Bless