Colorado big game draw results will soon be posted.
Did you draw a Elk or deer tag in Colorado this year?
Colorado plans to post the results on these dates.
Desert Sheep, Rocky Mtn Sheep and Goat on May 15
Bear, Deer, Elk, Moose, Pronghorn on May 29
But in the past have posted early.
Here is the link to the state website.

Do you keep going to the state website to see if you drew? How many times will you go to see if it is updated.
A simpler way is to have the PointHunter app and just hit refresh. It will read the Colorado web sire and update your points. If you have 0 you drew. If you have another point you may still have drawn a second choice. But you did not draw your first choice.
Depending on if they do it like in years past the PointHunter app may look it up early for you? It has been called the back door. But this was an issue last year so who knows if Colorado will still do that this year.

Good luck in the draw.

Colorado DIY Public land draw tag bull elk
Know your families and friends points including Texas.
1. Application deadline reminders.
2. Be the first to know your draw results
3. Looks up your points

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