1/2 Lacy 1/2 coonhound. 4 blues 3 male 1 female and 2 blacks 1 male 1 female. Father is registered Lacy, heck of a blood tracker and lives to hunt and bay a hog. Mother is coonhound likes to hunt, but not nearly as high maintenance as the lacy who requires daily 3-8 mile runs just to be satisfied. I kept one from last litter and she has turned out to be an excellent little hog dog as well, she ended up with nearly identical build and look of the Lacy, but a little more laid back like the coonhound. These dogs are great with my kids, and quick to accept other dogs. can be protective but arent agressive. Act like your typical bonehead pups but grow out of it quickly and are some of the easiest to train I've ever owned. If you are interested send me a pm or call/text and leave a message and I'll send pictures or any other info.
Guided deer and hog hunts in Fisher/Stonewall/Shackelford counties. 325-660-6652