Run-N-Gun Adventures is pleased to announce the recent buyout of Third Coast Outfitters. Run-N-Gun Co-Owners, Daniel Kubecka and Nick Stillwell, are excited about the future and what this acquisition will mean moving forward. Over the last handful of years we have worked extremely hard to provide some of the best waterfowl habitat and hunting the coastal prairie has to offer. Consistently being able to produce great hunts doesn’t just happen by accident. Hard work, planning, preparing, discing, planting, stage flooding, protecting, resting, rotating, designated roosting areas and limiting pressure are all major aspects that help take a property from just being average and turning it into a solid producer. These are all practices that we use to help maximize every property that we have control over. The days of just flooding it up and they will come are over. We look forward to taking the same approach that has made our other properties so good over the last couple of years and applying it to all the new ones we now have.

***I am very excited for my future with Run-N-Gun Adventures. I am ready to take on this challenge as part owner. Daniel and myself have always strived too offer a top notch service. We both believe in going above and beyond. This is exactly how we will approach the club. This is going to be a marathon not a sprint. With each season we will be making improvements and trying new strategies to better our club. There is no secret to killing ducks on a consistent basis. Location, water, food, and rotation. As the manager these four important factors will be my main focus. I look forward to working with our members next season. I am also excited about having more goose hunting potential for our day hunters as well.***
-Nick Stillwell, Co-owner

We will be putting together a Duck Club, but it will be under a completely new set of rules/guidelines. Here are a few of the details for our Duck Club that is currently FULL pending everyone gets their deposit in, if interested please send email and we'll add you to waiting list:
-Club manager will be Nick Stillwell
-20 groups total
-6 spots per group
-3 hunts max per week (Teal season is unlimited)
-30+/- ponds per year, this is our goal and we’ll be there by 2nd year for sure
-25+ ponds per year for SURE, if for some reason we aren’t going to have 25 ponds, then we won’t have 20 groups
-We are adding 5-6 of our proven ponds into the club
-Club ponds and day hunting ponds will be totally separate and NO GUIDED hunts will take place on club ponds
-Almost all ponds have well access, so water won’t be an issue.
-10+/- ponds per year will be planted(250+/- acres), will depend on landowners, but we’ll push to plant as many as possible
-Pit blinds will be put in where land owners allow and where ponds are in the same location every year. Should have at least 2-3 in for this season and hopefully add 2-3 more each season until we reach max.
-Blinds will be built and brushed by us on all ponds. Groups will not be expected to help in this process.
-Brand new Duck Camp built before the 2016 season right outside Bay City for club members use first.
-Ponds are located around or between the following cities: Kendleton, East Bernard, El Campo, Danevang, Blessing, Palacios, Markham & Bay City. We are always looking for more quality land in the right areas, so more will be added along the way.

$10K per group for 2015-2016 season
$11K per group for 2016-2017 season
$12K per group for 2017-2018 season

Deposit/Payments will be set up like this:
Deposit $3,000 due ASAP
2nd Payment $3,500 due by July 15th
Final Payment $3,500 due by Sept. 1st
NO teal hunting will be allowed for any group that’s not paid in full.

Our ability to run more quality goose hunts will go up this coming season with the addition of so much more property to manage. Obviously Mother Nature plays a huge role in the success throughout a season. We know that by controlling everything we can to our fullest potential that everything else usually falls into place. We’re not the oldest outfit on the coast/prairie, but you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that works harder to make things happen than we do.

We hunt the X because we make the X!

We'll be planting 500+/- acres of millet this year split pretty even 250/250 for our club and guided day hunts.

We just finished locking up two more big properties that'll push our pond total to 60+/- ponds not including all the rice.

Guided Hunt Pricing:
3ppl-$300 per person
4ppl-$275 per person
5ppl-$250 per person
6ppl-$225 per person

6-8ppl-$225 per person
Pre-set spread $500

If you’re interested in more details about the club or to check availability on guided duck or goose hunts, please contact us at:

Daniel 979.240.5312
Nick 979.240.1639

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