The prior few years I had been planting in late Feb in central Texas and had good success.
This year we got hit with a hard freeze when the first planting had just sprouted. A couple of weeks later most of the plot looked like a dessert. So I applied triple 15 fertilizer, lightly disced, replanted 80% of the area, and replanted. I skipped the lablab and did cowpeas, soybeans milo, rye and wheat. The wheat and rye I'm thinking will die off by mid June or so. I'm no farmer that's for sure. Our herd is only about twenty to twenty five deer tops about ten miles SE of Taylor. We killed off about fifteen or so pigs since mid deer season, all boars. Although we see large sounders within a half mile, the major rooting has been absent for the past six or eight weeks. We've never done soybeans before but from the looks of it they've erupted very well. I hope some of them make it to produce beans. We'll find out I reckon.


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