Moving a group of hunters to my south Texas ranch so my Big Lake ranch is open.

Housing, walkin cooler, feeders and blinds.

Would prefer to lease to one group, but it can be split in ~ half.

Also, open to leasing for quail to keep the cost of deer hunting lower.

$5.00/acre if only deer hunting is leased.
If quail is leased then I want $4.00/acre for deer and $2.00 for quail. Quail would be the week before general deer season and after deer season. Housing available for quail hunters too.

If your group is more interested in freezer filling than trophy management then please look elsewhere. I don't have anything against freezer filling, I just want this place to continue to be managed for trophy deer.

FYI deer hunting would be exclusively the leasers'. If I lease the quail hunting I reserve the right to quail hunt with my family and friends in addition to the quail leasers.

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