Looking for a lease, just like a lot of other people and Ive just about run out of options so Im posting this. Im looking for something in the hill country. I have a group of three, so I need at least that many spots, I can fill more spots if needed. Here is a little about us and what we are looking for.

Our group: 2 brothers and a best friend, all in our 40s and from the Houston area
We are extremely laid back and easy to get along with. We pride ourselves on helping out the other members and developing as close to a family atmosphere as we can
We have kids so a place we can bring our kids to is a must, guest privileges are not necessary but would be a bonus.
Electricity is needed, water is optional and a cabin would be nice but is not required as we have a travel trailer.
We have all been deer hunting for most of our lives and so to state the obvious we are management minded and treat the property as though it was our own.
We are not looking for trophy WT, but are willing to do what is necessary to develop a nice herd
We are looking for a place with not only WT but Axis and hogs as well
Would like for both gun and bow hunting to be allowed
Our price range maxes out ~ 5k per gun
Looking for a place that is year round, we like to hunt but enjoy just getting away in the off season as well

If anyone on here has any leads please pm me or just give me a shout.

Thanks for looking