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#5696728 - 04/12/15 08:55 PM Wet Texas spring has the hogs moving 11 down.
Texaslawman Offline

Registered: 12/05/10
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Forecast called for rain all weekend but somehow it all missed me and the hogs were really out moving! There was still some very thick fog to deal with, but the thermal cut through it this time.

Was plagued by operator error and bad decisions this weekend and only ended up with eleven hogs it should have been double that. First boar up I turned the DVR on but forgot to hit it again to record. He took a shoulder shot and went down DRT with a slight curly shuffle. Turned out to be a nice spotted boar 240ish pounds with nice cutters.

Next up was a good sized sounder in a young mesquite thicket, most of them were grouped up pretty tight but there were several stragglers spread out in the trees making it impossible to get any closer to the main concentration of hogs. After watching and filming the sounder for about thirty minutes I decided to take my first shot into the main group then pick up the stragglers as they tried to catch up. There was no way to tell which one was the alpha sow but there was one boar that picked several fights so I decided to go for him. My first 165gr SST hit him center shoulder he went down like a sack of potatoes. Located the next target fired heard a nice thump but the scope went black, hitting power it came right back on so I picked out the next hog and dropped it again the scope turned off. Repeated this one more time four shots and four dead hogs. Turns out when I had put new batteries in the scope in a rush, I did not close the cover all they way it still had two good full turns to be tight. That mistake cost me because that group was totally confused there should have been many more hogs downed.

For the next group I entered a pasture crossing a cattle guard in my truck there was a small group right there that alerted and ran. I killed the engine and watched as they finally stopped running and started feeding again so the stalk was on. Wanted to get really close but at about 60 yards they alerted on me again so I set up and took the shot killing the alpha sow. Since they knew I was there they ran straight away from me into the tall grass making it hard to see. Was still able too take two more shots and got two small 50-60 pound hogs. Turns out I had knocked the lens cover back in front of the lens so only about 1/4th was showing that's why I had such a hard time seeing them, operator error number two for the night.

Next I spotted a large lone boar rooting on the next property he was right next to a trail that crosses over to our property and the fence was directly down wind so I hoped to scare him and he would cross back towards me. I tried making hog noises, whistling, barking, even threw a few old cr123 batteries at him he would not budge. Finally I just started yelling at him and he started running to the fence and me! Unfortunately he got to the fence and ran down it instead of under it getting away. I will be baiting for him hes on the target list.

Last but not least spotted another large sounder at the edge of a pasture. Again they were so spread out it made it hard to get close to the main group and the win was switching directions so I picked the largest hog close to the middle of the spread out sounder. My reasoning for this was one the hog looked very big and two I hoped to split the group and cause confusion. First shot and the big hog went down but the group did not react like I wanted most of the hogs to the right jus ran straight away. The hogs to the left were moving away but just at a trot of walk but still only showing rear end shots. Finally I picked a hog took aim right as I fired another hog crossed behind him causing me to hit both. The first took a head shot and went down DRT the second kept running and took a couple more hits before going down.

All in all 11 hogs down but could have been way more between the errors and the bad plans it just did not work out but was still a very fun hunt for me!

Edited by Texaslawman (04/12/15 09:00 PM)
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#5696900 - 04/12/15 11:25 PM Re: Wet Texas spring has the hogs moving 11 down. [Re: Texaslawman]
SaintsReturn Offline

Registered: 01/03/14
Posts: 101
Loc: Fort Worth Texas
Well done! I am hoping to have my first hunt here soon!

#5696983 - 04/13/15 07:08 AM Re: Wet Texas spring has the hogs moving 11 down. [Re: Texaslawman]
JRJ6 Offline
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#5697255 - 04/13/15 09:42 AM Re: Wet Texas spring has the hogs moving 11 down. [Re: Texaslawman]
Dogpaddlin Offline

Registered: 01/03/14
Posts: 126
You know most people take pictures of their kids, not hogs, in the blue bonnets smile Nicely done!

#5697365 - 04/13/15 10:36 AM Re: Wet Texas spring has the hogs moving 11 down. [Re: Texaslawman]
bigjoe8565 Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 06/30/08
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Loc: Mesquite, Tx
Awesome job.

#5697401 - 04/13/15 10:55 AM Re: Wet Texas spring has the hogs moving 11 down. [Re: Texaslawman]
der Teufel Offline
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Registered: 11/16/11
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Loc: Central Texas
Wow! You are a hog-killing machine. Well Done.
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#5697763 - 04/13/15 02:17 PM Re: Wet Texas spring has the hogs moving 11 down. [Re: Texaslawman]
Deadend Offline
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Way to go what a night
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