Hi guys. New member here. I was wondering if anyone had information on T-Bone outfitters. After seeing their Silencerco video, and reading some of the stories here, I'm very interested in that type of hog hunting. Their website and facebook page seems to be offline. If anyone can guide me to them, I'd be very appreciative.

If they are offline permanently, I'd like to say that I am looking to travel to Texas for that type of hog hunt next spring. As of right now, it is just gonna be myself and my 17 year old son. I'll have my own equipment, which will be a helmet mounted PVS14 NOD. A DBAL IR laser/illuminator and a suppressed AR chambered in 5.56. I'm looking for an outfitter whom will let me use my own equipment, and whom will also outfit my son. We'll be driving from PA, so the more north and east we stay in the state, the better. This will save us some time on what looks to be a long drive. If anyone has some information on who else hunts in this manner, and if they can accommodate us, please drop me a PM. Thanks, and we're looking forward to getting down to Texas to join in on the fun!