It looks as though we are finally going to close on a place in Port O'Conner. We are buying a townhome with a slip one block away from the fishing center. It has a pool and everything needed for a family to go fishing/vacation/duck hunting ect. I am posting to see if there might be anyone interested in a trade/ exchange. Lets say a week, you get the key and take your family to my place in exchange for my wife and I hunting turkey on your place. All that provided of course you got the right kind of place. I would even consider 2 weeks in exchange for a bang up turey hunt. One week in prime time and one week out of prime. If you are interested and have the right place just email, text, PM or call. We are easy to get along with, we don't drink a whole lot anymore, maybe 2 or 3 beers in the evening every 6 months. We would be completely respectful of your place as we expect the same of ours. What I am really interested in is a long term trade relationship where if we all get along we just trade every year.
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