My wife and I have been all over the US and Caribbean, so we decided it was time for us to visit Europe this year. After months of planning we finally pulled the trigger and went. We visited Paris, Athens, and Rome all for 2 days each.

Paris was really dirty and the French people are down right rude. Although we saw a lot of history there, I would not go back again. Glad we got it all done while we were there the first time.

Athens was great. Most all the people spoke good English and were very friendly and helpful. Tons of history to see, but I feel like we accomplished it well in the 2 days we had. Even went on a taxi tour to the sister city Piraeus to see the coastal area of Greece.

Rome was great as well. Like in Athens a lot spoke English and were very nice. There is a TON of stuff to do in Rome. Seems like everywhere we walked we'd find something else to see until you figure out you've been walking for hours and really don't know where you are. Thank God for GPS lol.

Here is a slide show of the pictures, sorry some uploaded to PB sideways. 525 total pics.